▶ New Poem One Day I Will Write A Poem by graceappears

Sharing a bit of poetry which I recorded on Sound Cloud many moons ago.

As I head off on a brief journey up into the woods and hills, I am anticipating the time I will spend with my mother. Dementia has hijacked so much and yet there is still joy. There is still beauty.

And poetry remains. To be excavated, dusted off, writen, savored and read.

We will read hers. We will read Milne.

We will crawl into the waiting arms of poetry. A refuge in the storm. A card catalog of now and then.



2 thoughts on “▶ New Poem One Day I Will Write A Poem by graceappears

  1. Last night the Holy Spirit brought you to mind and I thought, “I miss Elizabeth Marshall…. I wonder what she’s doing. Praying for you in this challenging time. Poetry helps for sure.

    1. Jody, thank you for your generous gift. The gift of taking time to listen and respond. I am getting back to my Tiny Letter and my blog. And most importantly poetry. Or poetry is coming back to me. Holding onto your gift with deep gratitude.

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