About Elizabeth


Thank you for visiting. You’ve found your way to my virtual front porch, where you are welcomed by a cool glass of La Croix on ice with a lemon or lime or Diet Coke.  If you’d prefer iced tea, sweet or unsweet, I can probably arrange that too. You’ll hear a glorious mix of sea gulls, song birds, chickens in the backyard, and the wind chimes swinging in the fruit tree.

Pull up a rocking chair here are on the front porch and just sit and rock and breathe deep.  I imagine that’s what you’re craving these days, as the whole world could stand to sit, linger, chat, or even just quietly rock and stare for a few glorious minutes.

I’ve been on a journey like that myself. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, studied in the rolling hills of Roanoke, Virginia including one year abroad in Paris. Fresh out of college, I moved to New York with high-octane aspirations as I headed for Madison Avenue.

But I ended up living and thriving a long way away from the City, in a shrimping village called McClellanville.

The noise and grind of New York lasted about five years. I married the love of my life, a South Carolinian and we have made our home and raised our family in Camden, Pawleys Island, and now the Low Country of South Carolina. So this North Carolinian married a South Carolinian and I have been nestled back in the South again for more than thirty years.

Now I sit and I walk. I walk long stretches of shoreline here off of unspoiled Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.

I invite you to join me as I process life with poetry and prose, looking through a clearer lens than ever so I can take note of the things that matter most, the forgotten things. I am learning to lean in close and see the smallest things and to look up to notice the grandest things too.

In my journey I have grown to love words.

Instead of working in business, I’m now a poet and writer. My work has appeared at Tweetspeak Poetry, Altar Works, GraceTable, The Mudroom, and Creative and Free. A lover of grace, beauty, words, and the sea, I’m passionate about encouraging you to come to know the joy of slowing down and noticing more.

I graduated from Hollins University, which produced such literary luminaries as Annie Dillard and Margaret Wise Brown. Their work and legacy inspire me to strive to create beauty and art with my own words—my blend of poetry and prose.

Drawn to the patina and story of old things, my husband and I are slowly restoring a Victorian home built in 1904. I’m mom to four adult children, having recently gained a second daughter through marriage.

Thank you for joining me here.




















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