A Thank You Note & An Invitation

January 2019 has come and has nearly gone. And I find myself still working on my thank you notes.

And so on a cold and gray Sunday I am sitting beside the fire completing the important task of penning my remaining thank you notes.

I wish that this one to you, blog subscribers, was written in pen on fine stationary, tucked into an envelope with a wax seal and a stamp. But in fact, I am arriving in your inbox or in your WordPress reader or somehow on your device or laptop or desktop.

Thank you. Thank you for subscribing, and reading, and following along on this journey.

Thank you for a little of your time and a bit of space in your inbox and in your day.

I am grateful.

It is my pleasure to invite you to join my email subscriber list. Simply click the tab at the top of the page to sign up. Or click herehttp://www.tinyletter.com/elizabethwmarshall. 

My podcast, Peabiddies Podcast(available on your favorite podcast listening platform – 12 total) and my newsletter have joined hands to produce a new revised email subscriber letter. Peabiddies Notebook: Pursue the Art of Noticing will slip quietly into your inbox every Wednesday.

I hope you’ll join me. This free letter will contain show notes from the podcast, news about upcoming guests, access to free download-ables and printables, as well as a forth coming e-book of poetry. Occasionally I will provide book recommendations, quotes from favorite authors and poets, and links to good stuff around the web.

New and current subscribers can choose to be enter their name into a giveaway, (coming soon), to receive a copy of the Peabiddies Notebook journal. Giveaway announcements will be made here, on Instagram and in the weekly subscriber letter. So sign up to keep up to date on all things Peabiddies.

So thank you again for your presence here. I will look forward to seeing you inside the letter format and elsewhere.


Elizabeth Wynne Marshall

Now it's your turn. I am honored that you took the time to comment. Thank you.

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