The Notebook: Pages of Mine (A Monthly Letter)


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A Quiet Place For Words is undergoing a name change. Perhaps we do judge a book by its cover and we judge—or choose to receive— a monthly letter from a writer by the name or the title it bears. But that one small title change is the only change you’ll find in my monthly subscriber-based letter.

Introducing The Notebook: Pages of Mine.

Of all the places I go to write it down, this has become one of my favorites. It’s not a newsletter, it’s a conversation. It’s a compilation of musings, storytelling, poetic prose, and my deepest thoughts on what I’m seeing and experiencing in my daily, ordinary living. Sometimes there is humor. Sometimes I ask questions. But every month you’ll find  the byproduct of living and noticing, in words.

Because something magical occurs when we begin a story, an essay, a woven piece of prose with the phrase “Dear Ones.” A letter-format frames the words in a more intimate place. A conversational tone is paired with the art of storytelling And I love that.

I love that there is a you and there is a me and there are words between us.

As I write here, I can picture you there. As I speak to you on the page, I know you are able to press reply and jot a note down to me.

This is my notebook. I’m sharing pages from my own so we can look at the world together through the lens of rich noticing. Inspiring you to join me as I attempt to live  a more attentive life—by being present and noticing more. To take note, and to write it down. To frame your own words in phrases on the page. To experience life more deeply and more aware of God’s gifts. To see each small moment with eyes that record and a heart that longs to remember.

“The world is so full of a number of things. I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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