Peabiddies Notebook: Pursue the Art of Noticing


I’m so very glad you’re here. I’m your podcast host, Elizabeth Wynne Marshall. And I’m the writer behind the words here on this web sight containing my poetry and prose and on my podcast Peabiddies: Pursue the Art of Noticing. (Be sure to visit the Peabiddies Podcast page here on my website to discover each episode in the archives.

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At Peabiddies we are celebrating. I think we’re always celebrating. We’re celebrating that you’ve joined us and we’re celebrating that we are well into Season 2 of the podcast. As a writer I have had the privilege of writing a subscriber letter for several years. That newsletter is joining hands with the podcast, partnering together and forming one new newsletter.

It will include show notes, foot notes, side notes and more information relating to each episode and its interview.

It will contain book recommendations, and highlights of good things I’ve discovered in my real life and around the world wide web. I’ll include flashes of brilliance I’ve encountered, art, whimsy, and quotes from favorite authors and artists.

Being invited into your inbox is an honor and a privilege. So thank you for allowing me to bring my words to you in this weekly letter format.

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Welcome to the Peabiddies community. We are cheering you on as you take note of beauty, awe, and wonder— as you uncover and discover all that the world has to offer. And we are cheering you on in your own creative projects— those that are made by the passion of your heart and the gifts given to creative you by Artist God.