In Just A Moment


Thank you for joining me.You breathe life into this space and into this series. Your presence here is a tremendous gift.
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In Just A Moment

The earth will tilt and lean
Press her face against the foggy
Look at us
As we at her
We play a game of stare
Poker faced, straining
To not  look away and miss
The micro moments
She presents

What if every moment
That we see
Capture with our glassy pupiled lens
Was meant to savor
Fragrant earthen soil
And well-lit canvases
She lends

To gather up the
Remember when’s
In just a moment

She will tilt again
On her race around the galaxy

Each moment that she gives to me
In fractured minutes as I blink
To tuck into my memory folds
Filled with all the grainy, dull and fading
Remember whens
I will still say

I remember when
The sun rained down on the precipice of stone-grey rocks
And magnified by a gurgling
Rushing mountain stream
That perfect October day
Destined to meet
The beauty of the earth and I
For I was there
With a front row seat

And in just a moment

We were gone
Fragile is life’s middle name





Joining Sandra Heska King for Still Saturday

No RSVP Required – Join Me For 31 Days of Noticing

MCVL marsh grass - 31 Days of Noticing

Beginning October One, I will be participating in a a series as part of The Nester’s 31 Days Of … Series.( The Nester blogs at the nester dot com. Please visit her wonderful blog) Join me daily as I write on the art of noticing. I will be exploring God Beauty and the ordinary extraordinary details revealed in living keenly awake, alert and noticing.

In order to write, live, breathe, worship, express gratitude, and seek God more, I need to fine tune the art of noticing. Noticing with all my senses, hearing the poetry in my day. Breathing the smells of Autumn in my world. Seeing the first crack of light in the morning through the dirty window panes and the last faint star in the heavens wink as I fall asleep. Filled with a heart that has noticed. That hears God and bears witness to all He has created.

Because I believe that seeing, really soaking in the intricacies of the folds inside the folds of the earth’s skin, where mystery lies and beauty is born will make life richer, faith stronger and poetry more soulful.

I will walk through October with poetry, prose, music, photography, scripture and more. Join me.

Let’s walk down the road together. The road to seeing the world more fully, more richly and with a keener sense of being alive and grateful for all He has given us.

Thanks Be To God.


the nets - mcvl at  night the mary margaretGiddy-Up

Yesterday I felt the sad creep up
Mixed with confusion
Draped around my soul
I swallowed my tears, the hurt in my inside
Places, deep and dark
Pushed them down
With all my might

And all the while I wrestled
Joy was creeping up and in
Waiting to soothe me with her balm
It was the words of a sister friend
And news waiting to rock me gentle
Balm on gaping throbbing

And faith restored in me
In eyes that met
In love standing on the dock
Reminding me of love
That overcomes
Screamed the breeze
That brought the joy
That raised me up again

And I recalled the moments giddy
Cheered me up
A flash of scattered happy
At small and wondrous things
And I recall the look of kids at work
Hanging over sides of boats
Beside a mender of the nets

So I raise mine
In hopes of catching giddy joy
Even while I stand graveside today at two
Especially there
Remembering that life will always
Bring me joy
If I raise my net high, in the breeze when it blows hard
When it comes gentle
While I raise my net
Untangling sadness from the threads
Breathing deep of sweet forgiveness

And reminding and remembering
The days of giddy-up
Are here
When I stand beside the grave
At two o’clock today