On Remembering


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On Remembering

remember what hasn’t been
yet. Before. Today
remember what the dreams hinted to
in a happy, haunting nocturnal sort of way
of what might come to be
on some other summer’s day
things hope and longing used to say
in breathy whispers
along the lines of could, perhaps and maybe
moments that haven’t had their chance
to live to see today

remember what hasn’t been
unravel next time. Reweave memories from yesterday
remember Wednesday on a Tuesday
and all the things that wait
that ask to be remembered
like healing, birth and death
and poems that take a year to gather line by line
on the poet’s winsome breath

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Holy, Still

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Don Quixote’s Search


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Don Quixote’s Search

You ride out your brave
Like a thousand men
A thousand women too, no more
Your sturdy mount, your throne
Hooves shod in shoes, step brave
Teamwork for the win

D is for dreamer, Don

Your life, an alphabet soup of how to slay those dragons
In search of small t truth

Headlong into battle
You wore brave
Long live your legend, profile in courage
Boldness, your aftershave slapped on cheek and neck
We smell you coming
Chasing hard, chasing fast, chasing true

Fighter of the cause you took up
C is for charge

And C is for cancer
Demons come in all shapes and sizes

Fear found no place
On the back of your mount

It seeks to bully and boss
Make you cower in the corner
Men like you
Women too, the dragon-slayers
Who ride in search of dreams, dusted up in battles of their own
Make no room for excess baggage, space-takers
That take the place of
Faith, hope, and love —weapons of choice

T is for tumor

H is for Hope
C is for cure
And chemo too
F is for freedom
We’re all in search of something, Don


Don Quixote’s Search first appeared in a collaborative exhibition entitled Environmental Abstracts with friend & artist Laurie Brownell McIntosh. You can find her on Instagram @northlightstudio803






B Flats in the Belfry

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

B Flats in the Belfry

Let’s start the day this way

Eggs, fresh from our bantam backyard coop
One lone feather clings
Sticking still to the pale pink shell
Damp and new
Poached on toast, wheat
Seven on the toaster setting
Vinegar water smells of childhood
Methods of perfection, left and right
Sunny side up for you
Yoke the color of the tangelo lodge in the stocking toe
With peppermints, all those Christmases ago
Napkin in lap, just so

Rhythms of death due us part
Me, part you
We two
Still two (repeat the note for emphasis, an echo of our love)

Ask Alexa to play Diana Krall
Loud-soft, the way I like it, bluesy
Better yet, unplug the wires
The ones that entangle

Cut it off, cut the chords
Let the chorus enter in from out of doors
Through a window, cracked
And open

Tell me your secrets
I’ll tell you mine
And lay my cards flat out on the table
(Strike a note of honesty)
Beside your yokey fork tines

Cracks let in early light
Morning breaks through the edge of night
Can you hear the sound of nothing tip toe in?
Bow your head, now let’s begin

I watch you break your perfect yolks
So carefully, so carefully
Music from the belfry
Soundtrack to a simple life
Love was patient, love was kind


B Flats in the Belfry originally appeared as part of a  recent collaboration with artist Laurie Brownell McIntosh.  As artists, we combined poetry and visual art in an exhibition at Kershaw County Fine Arts Center entitled “Environmental Abstractions.”

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