Just a Few Words and A Prayer for Noticing for Lent

Photo by Val Dela Vedova on Pexels.com



Join me for something a bit different on the podcast during the season of Lent. 

As we live these days leading up to Easter, often at a quieter, more contemplative pace, I am bringing a simpler and shorter format to the podcast. (click here to subscribe to Peabiddies Podcast). 

Each weekly episode during Lent will be briefer in length than the normal episodes and will include a focus on reflection and prayer.

After Easter I will once again share the mic with a wonderful line-up of guests—folks who are making beautiful art with their lives.

Enjoy these days of quiet reflection, wider margins, carved out and dedicated time for prayer and spiritual reflection.

And as always thank you for reading, and listening, and sharing with others. Would you consider sharing this post and the podcast with friends?

My hope as I design, write and produce each episode is that it will encourage, inspire and offer a few minutes of thoughtful content each week. My hope is to reach people who would like to say yes to the invitation. The invitation to pursue more keenly, more intentionally and more passionately the art of noticing beauty, awe and wonder.

One way to do this is to inspire and encourage by engaging creatives, by listening to artists and makers, creatives who are paying close attention to the world around them and creating new works and new interpretations of what they are seeing and living.

The makers and creators, if we listen, will often teach us a great deal about the world around us.

My hope is to build a community. So let’s fling open the door and invite more folks in.

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Until next week,

with grace and peace,

Elizabeth Wynne Marshall 


Click here to listen to the latest episode Season Two – Episode 11    

 Peabiddies: Pursue the Art of Noticing, Season Two – Episode 11 A Few Words, A Bit of Music & A Quiet Lenten Prayer as We Pursue the Art of Noticing https://anchor.fm/elizabethwmarshall/episodes/Season-Two—Episode-11-A-Few-Words–A-Bit-of-Music–A-Quiet-Lenten-Prayer-as-We-Pursue-the-Art-of-Noticing-e3egpi

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