Without The Music

Without The Music

Without music
Quiet has no notes to wake her up
From muffled morning’s sleepy headed slumber.
So, instead
She hangs her winsome head,
languishing in her lonely bed.
Hoping that a harp will play, or
maybe a cello will save the day.
Praying a piano quite possibly might
saunter  in,
Or trumpets wake the dead
Say arise, awake
With blasts of wind
instruments, drums and snare,
Replacing thick and quiet air
Violins or soothing flute
The horns will shout forth
an exclamation point.

Breaking the blistering silence of her mind
Hoping a happy stanza
peppered with piccolo will fill the air
But instead the quiet
Lingers, hanging void
The music hidden, lost,
Is nowhere.

Life without a song

Sounds like life
Without a pulse
and fallen
Silence fills the air.
Only black and white
All color gone, no song.
The music must play on.
The strings shall sing, the harmony restore
The runs, the rifts, the ivories,
The keys will sing from lips of fingertips
The music.
Melody and symphony, sharps and flats
Notes from low to high, cascading making merry in the dark
Mirroring or changing the mood within the room
Transforming quiet, into music,
Liquid poetry.

Give me a blessed song that wakes my spirit up.

Turns the sad and lonely mood around
Plays hymns of praise
My anthem raise
No longer will I live my days,
Alone in silence lingering long
Without the sounds of  dancing
On clouds of spirit-thought.
The music
Playing in the chambers,
The rooms of my heart.


Joining Laura at Laura Boggess dot com for her Playdates at The Wellspring.

Hallelujah Always and Anyway


My soul cries out  for His soothing touch, today.

I praise Him and say always, Hallelujah, this day.

Hallelujah no matter the circumstances of the day.

Worthy is the Lamb. Always every day.

His name is Holy, in the middle of my day.

Blessings and honor to Him. Today and Everyday.

How we celebrate an empty tomb and that Easter Day.

Hallelujah, always.

Amen, again and again.


“Even in pain, you are worthy of praise” – (lyrics, Nicole C. Mullen)

Grace. Period.

May we look for His Grace in this day,  made and given in love. Thanking Him for it as we name it, offer it back. Offer it out.

Deep searching for ways to rest in His Love, be still in His embrace and restore in His Words.

Palms wave in anticipation, celebration , proclaim who He is by the way that we live, the way that we love,  the way that we serve.

Heart searching for real.  Heart bending toward authentic.  Heart softening to Him.

Peace in your day, in your homes,  your hearts as we prepare for the Holy, the triumphant, the donkey-rider, and humble King of Kings.

Oh Glorious Day.

Pausing in the calm of His touch, the wonder of His Love, the extravagance of His Grace.

wishing you His Grace,