Latin, Pooh and You


Latin, Pooh and You

My what strong genes you have
Tethered am I to you
Born into your love for Latin and Pooh
Child of nearly another, child
Your words came to you, then, started their great exodus
Dementia is mastering the art of thievery
We’ve drawn swords
Suited up for the battle
We rise up in tandem
Fight it off and hold on to syllables, dim and faded
Stammering and garbled
Eloquent elocution, always
Grammatically correct until the end

I’ve accepted the passing, in the twilight, not the dawn
But the baton is here
(I confide often, blush at my age, late blooming wanna-be poet,
Fighting off shame)

My what strong love you have
Leaving breadcrumbs, poetic syllables
In your life’s wake
Marking the trail
Leading me beside the still waters
Leaving our time by the raging sea
I have learned to listen
To poetry and you
And to love Flannery and her peafowl
(I named a Black Maran after you)
Some things you tend to forget
But these are branded into the everlasting
World without end
Pooh, Latin, poetry, and Maggie the Black Maran hen

Picking and Choosing Good Fruit

But the fuit of the spirit is love, joy, forebearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Galatians 5:22

Dear Mother of Mine,

thank you. for loving.

for raising, for sacrificing, for taking a fork in the road, teaching three and more, exhausting yourself for others, showing us such good things, pointing us to Him, loving our Father for decades, teaching us the beautiful, loving our children, and the more of the story which is told and untold of love in family, behind the walls, inside the home.

thank you.

we bless you and honor you.

we love you.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day from deep down places in my heart to yours.

I am blessed because of you.

wishing Grace…….

Sky Writer

Friends, Happy Weekend, Happy Mother’s Day. 

Wishing surprises of joy, endless time around table with words of mothers, words of children dancing and skipping from lip to lip;

wishing moments of happy punctuated by loud barks of belly laughs from deep down deep;

wishing rest here and rest there, quiet here and quiet there

and time  alone to focus on His  unfailing love, to feel secure in His warm embrace,

to give thanks  to God for this gift of motherhood

 seeing anew the privilege that it is of raising a child, or two, or three or……….

wishing His grace…