Whisper A Pink Amen

Wordcandy May

Whisper A Pink Amen

Though it snows in the west and rains in the east, may I dance

Though Spring crawls, baby steps this way, these days, may we sing

With the grey shadowing pinks and the clouds hiding  hope, may we still rejoice

Still, the season hides her beauty timid as a dove, may I trust

Though the memory of past joy overshadows pregnant possibilities, may I know

That light will burn bright hope around the edges of the dark

Through all the seasons, for forever

Glory, glory,  Hallelujah, whisper soft a pink and tender


a song of certainty.


Joining Tweetspeak Poetry and Wordcandy.me and 100 sweet bloggers with a wordcandy writing prompt for the lovely month of May. This one from Lyla Lindquist is exquisite. But maybe that’s just me.