In My Dreams I Play A Song

In my dreams I play a song on a keyboard, piano
Not keys drab and gray.
And sing for you a song of hope with words,
They are my notes.
But oh how I wish that they would sound
Like music to your ears
The sharps the flats, allegro con brio
Beautiful chords played by dancing fingers on piano,
Ivories, like flying love gifts up and away, dolce
Kite tail like they waft and drift up to the
Heavens and to your ears.
In my dreams I play a song on the black and white
Keys that strike the chords of harmony and rifts
Up and down they dance in line, a beautiful song.
And I would play a song back straight on the bench
Hovered over piano shiny black
Not keyboard Macbook back lit.
No it would be a baby grand and there I would
Pour out my heart in song to you and let the notes
Sing and sway right to your soul.
And sing, like tender lullaby a song of
Hope and Longing, poco allegro.
But this is what I have instead
My words, not notes, not song
So dream with me that they are music
And listen while I play for you
A love song, a hope song, a grace song
As gift, that in the downbeat you would know
In my dreams I play a song on keys, piano,
Just for you.

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