When Glimpses Are More Than Enough

The partialness and incompleteness seem to satisfy.

Its just enough for now. There is nothing lacking. No unfulfilled place of longing. In the moment.

The glimpses are more than enough.

Gazing a glimpse of blaze. The orange tells the heart there is a brilliant sunset over the river tonight. A glimpse of the beauty satisfies like the small bite of a foiled wrapped chocolate kiss. Its enough.

The wafer thin representation of His body in the open palms, a sign of saving grace. A sacred glimpse into the holy at the rail, with wine and murmurs of a transaction of love and sacrifice. Satisfy deep within the soul of man. It is monumental in its symbol, a glimpse into the Trinity and it is more than enough to wake up the heart of man to the weight of the moment.

This week I glimpse poverty, and grief. A glimpse is enough to awaken the heart of this woman to the weight of the world.

And I glimpse gratitude, hand-penned in black ink from her to me. And I glimpse friendship blended in a moment of prayer, mixed with death and poured out in sympathy. And it is enough to know the power of prayer and the sting of death. A glimpse into His presence in these moments of loss and suffering.

The portion is well-measured. By a God who loves and knows. That glimpses of love and joy satisfy for now. And in His wisdom, and in His love, in time, the glimpse will be more than partial.

There will be fullness. For now the glimpse is the full of weight of His glory. And mercy. And love.

The new moon sliver is all the soul needs to see to know. The full moon is on the way.

Glimpses of Grace quench the dry bones spirit. Glimpses of Hope restore broken Joy.

Peeks into the holy provide a fullness for the longing heart of the believer.

When glimpses are more than enough because we know the fullness of His Love is uncontainable and unmeasureable and unfathomable.

A glimpse is an exponential panoramic technicolor view of His Glory for the eyes of this Heart that believes.

Looking with the lense of gratitude, the glimpse becomes a gift of seeing into the more.

And the glimpse looks like fullness and radiance of His countenance to me.

As I stare in Faith and marvel at the wonder of it all. The mysteries still are. The beauty still is.

And His Love is never-failing.

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