Beautiful And Lovely Finds Along The Way

I am looking back, into the glass  of the rear view mirrored lens of lovelies. These are some of the beautimous things in my remembering. I want to share with you.

1.  A Lovely Film — “Quartet”. You may watch the trailer here. You’re most welcome.

2.  A Lovely Poem — Today at Burnside Writer’s Collective  there is a beautiful poem entitled “This Ain’t Rocket Science” by John Blase. I am fond of his poetry. All of it. This piece is lovely.  If you want to read more of John’s poetry he blogs at The Beautiful Due. There are beautiful poems just waiting for you there.

3.  A Lovely Line From A Book — I am reading  several books at once, alternating between books on poetry, fiction, non-fiction, you name it.  This from “Writing Poetry From The Inside Out: finding your voice through the craft of poetry by Sandford Lyne”:

All of this is to say that, for the person who works at writing poems, life is never again the same.  Seeing is not the same. Hearing is not the same. Thinking is not the same. Remembering is not the same. And dreaming is not the same.  Everything is bigger; everything is more palpable.”

4.  A Lovely Classic —  I am slowly reading this Thomas Wolfe classic  while I am “home again”. So, in fact and ironically,  you can both go home again and read a tome entitled you can’t when you can  when you have a propensity for shorter and much pithier writing styles.  I may finish it one day, perhaps before my children have children.

You Can't Go Home Again

6. A Lovely Childhood Memory–  Oh does this book bring back wonderful childhood memories. The illustrations by Maurice Sendak are whimsical and wonderful. And the humor and message for  both children and adults on being well-mannered is marvelous. I highly recommend it. You are welcome, my dear.what do you say dear

7. A Lovely New Memory – Visiting The Chapel Of The Prodigal to see the lovely fesco with my mother while a music student practices the piano. Looking forward to this next season of Downton Abbey. Mother is too. We sat and listened to the theme from this Masterpiece Theater Classic while we soaked in the glory of the fresco.

the prodigal fesco

8. A Lovely Scene From The Natural World –  This Oak Hydranga takes my breath away. every. single. time. I walk by. Glory be.

oak hydranga

9. A Lovely Idea Well Executed – Emily Freeman from Chatting at the Sky blog has a monthly link up entitled “What I Learned This Month”. Visit her blog and read some rather interesting lists of things learned in July by her readers and fellow bloggers. You may especially enjoy my friend Shelly Miller’s list of July “things”. Shelly blogs at Redemtpion’s Beauty and her list can be found here.


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