Round and Round We Went


Round And Round We Went

It looks like lunacy
This repeating of mistakes
And words, in the ditch, in the gutter, stuck in the groove of
Well intended emphasis
Pounding it out and dancing ’round

Peace comes in the dancing in circles like a spinning top only
If you are two in a tulle skirt
In the kitchen, giddy young
Drunk on air and youth

But we know it all and this and that and
A thing or two of circling round like fighters in the ring
Someone always gets bloodied up
Black eyes, the mark of the warrior who fought hard
No need for
White flags or olive branches, doves
Nothing stops us until we are down for the count
We lick out wounds, healing hidden in the tongue
The same one which spoke the wounds

But now the circle has been broken
I released you at last
You flew off straight and strong, headlong into the unknowing, surely you knew
Freedom came in the unfurling of my weary white knuckled boney hands

Now we dance, we are new and two again
Walking in a straight line, side by side

And I stand alone now
Circling the cross
Quiet warrior, retired from the ring

It looks like lunacy
To those who never knew

A quiet warrior, retired from the ring

Simply Kind

summer veggies

She measured the grace she’d been given
The grace she’d given and recalled
The fragile mercy that faltered
Fell rotten from the vine
Missed the perfect time for picking

Because keeping up and tabs and score
Bring nothing but hauntingly familiar pain
And they can take a soul to the brink
Of dissatisfied

Shatters all the dreams for harmony
A perfect pitched life of faith and love
Of getting on and getting past
And loving again
With everyone in her  world, the one in which she lives and breathes
And stumbles, errs, trips up and forgets when to speak and when to listen

Well in love, where to step and how and when

Throw open the window
And let grace blow in
Rustle the curtains and carry out the stale narrative of past grievances
Let freedom fly on the kite tails
Of the tender mercies
We simply choose
To forgive

Wind whistles during the storm
And after
Comes the quite
The pregnant pauses ripe for reconciling

Score keepers and old story telling
And not looking a man in the eyes
Drain faith
Dampen hope
Mute the message of
The Gospel

She wants to see faith at work

And just saying hello to your brother
And not walking away from a sister

You don’t know how
The Gospel
Speaks so sweetly
When you, the messengers are

Simply kind

She wants to see faith at work