Faith Is An Ampersand — (Fuzzy Math)

My heart walks across the floor
The sound
Mirrors that of the lazy toddler in tow
Going forward he must
Going through the one foot in front of the other
Because Hope carries on
Moves onward  with remembering
Past faithfulness plus current trials
To the nth degree of wobbly faith
Equals holy hope
Counting the squared marks
Of the past like
Split-legged, one legged
Child-like faith travels down
Hopscotch chalk framed memories
Stories held in each

Shakily, I add up one thousand and one blessings

Of the  past
In the folds of memory
But right now
I bank solely on Hope
And  remembering alone
I cannot add
Disappointment muddies my math fuzzy
Faint and fadded dots
Seen by a half full  form of measuring
Come up
Less than
Don’t connect

James knew and told
Of storms
And Psalms come from
A dragging heart like lazy toddler steps
Obediently pressing on

But his Kingdom Come is at hand

All adds up to wonderful
Glory be
Faith is the grace-ful ampersand
All to Him
Grace is the equalizer
All adds up.

Joining Emily  for Imperfect Prose and Jennifer for #tellhisstory


Math is not my friend
We buck heads over answers
That must be right or wrong
Gray does not exist in the minds of math-minded
There is a narrowing, whittling to the n’th degree
The theology of numbers
Has no room for interpretation
Or personal history
But I know this to be True
Three is holy
And three is my friend
But who is counting
The three children
One watched Count Dracula
With me, Sesame Street math
Serving numbers up with sugar coated ease
Three writers at a lit lunch
Time stands still
Math and science don’t believe it
Ask the poet writer how
She will find the words
And three amigos
Simple counting on one hand
Friends in triplicates
Warm and fuzzy
Math matters not at all
With matters of the heart
God knows the sacred
In the number three
This poem brought to you
By the number three
A braided cord too
Strong to break