She longed to change
The ones with a beat
Red, pulsing, pumping the blood
To crack open the norm
Celebrate poetry with prose
Run in the opposite direction
Refuse to settle
Zig while they zag
Rise up and whisper above the screams
Press mute on the debate
Call for peace while there was war
Light a fire on the first day of Spring
Speak as silence suffocates the voiceless
In the spinning
Untangle the web
Raise the white flag
Cry for mercy
Shed tears for grace
Unfurl the banner of enough is enough
Tattoo love on her wrist to remind her of
Wood and nails
Set sail
For calm and deep in
Oceans of counterclockwise in a sea of clockwise
And dream of a world
In which Change would come

And Change remained
Died and rose again
And Change redeemed
Sweet dreams, lovers of Change
Easter is near
All will soon shout

I Cannot Dream For You

 the prodigal fescoI Cannot Dream For You

Without weeping
While I do,
I do love you
My body wracked by pain
Releases heaves and sighs of grieving
Distributes tears instead of blood
Pushing pulsating  crimson through my veins
Salt soaked
Sacks of weeping
Burst open as they hit the
Hard wood floor
Boards by board you’ve laid your life
In a pattern
Of your own design, it seems
Nail by nail
Gaze skyward
Searching for the rough-hewn cross

I cannot dream of you without weeping
I see you
Through the eyes of Christ
Who plans for wholeness
Desires for healing in every life

So I will dream that joy shall visit
Come in the morning, return to you
Fill  you  up with songs of singing
That you will be  made whole and new
And I will hope you into wellness
Formed from molded clay by Christ

That you would dream of new beginnings
And see the world as it sees you
Born to this world with songs of gladness
Wrapped , loved and swaddled from your birth

And I  will dream until my life ends
That all that’s noble,right and good
Godly,Holy, true and pure
Will come by way of
And  then rest with you
That dreams of joy and new beginnings
We be your dreams and not just mine
For  worlds you’ve never lived to open
And take you mercifully  into glory days

Yes I will dream like Sarah
Release all trembling and human fear
Put it down
Shout out a deafening chorus
Of loud, yet
Broken hallelujah’s
For Always
ad infinitum
precious one, you child of God

Today will end your days of  weeping
Today begins anew
For I will dream always of you.


Joining Laura Boggess for Playdates at The Wellspring

and Jennifer for #tellhisstory