Get Up And Go


Get Up And Go

The idea of an approaching speed limit sign
For an age
Comes racing at me
In warped speed
I am on the Autobaun
Okay with a few passing me
But not okay with everyone leaving me
A sad sack in the rearview mirror of their
Adrenalin fueled lives
I want to join the human
Bowed before the throne of God
WIth my gifts in tact
As I approach the finish line
Shoot the wad, spend it all

The word latched on to me like a barnacle

I carry it more as a compass than a parasite
This “Go”

Mercy attended my soul
In the pages of Acts where poet
And I was drenched in  grace
Like an oil change or a tire change
Tune up for the soul
For a road weary poet warrior
The day it leapt off the page at me
Was the day I was bone tired with the heart cry
Brittle and parched
This heart of mine
Restless for poetry
For you it may be serving soup at the soup kitchen
It was the day I wanted to trade with
For nobler, grander, meeker, more sacred
Hand me the ladle
Bless my heart I am ready to serve

Gifts are sweeter when they come wrapped
In tissue thin paper
My old blue leather Bible hid it until
The time was right
And I was pathetically
Dazed and confused

So I am back on the poetic highway
No yellow line down the middle
Demarcation of prose from poetry
Tuned up by Holy “what?”
Just for me
Laid the questions to rest
No longer scratching my head
Like a dog his fleas
I hear the poetry in the Psalms
And see it in every hive of bee
And crest of wave
Cracked egg and broken shell
Fog and rain, whoop of crane

These things He designed
Pure poetry

I asked her “why”
And she said “why not”
Why didn’t I think of the better
Surer way to skin that cat
Rip open the package
Tear off the bow

Appears I forgot to say thank you

Don’t march this to the jury box
And make it state it’s case
It is a poem
Not theology
Nor doctrine
It is servant’s cry
And Artist God
And lingering in holy love there
Though He made me

Lover Of My Soul
And creator of the longing
That goes to the back lit
Mac with the apple carved there
It is the one bite out
That reminds me of sin

And poetess prays
Lead me to the raging waters
That are calmed by the
Words on a page

Or lead me to the quiet streams of words
For Yours
And a heart for you

Go with me in to the wordy wilderness
And grant me Your Peace
And now I am not compelled to word search
For a number to proclaim
But You know me well and I won’t promise
I won’t

Seek and find every bit of poetry
Laying in the lines
Somewhere between Genesis and Revolution

Ladle in one hand
Pen in the other
If you seek you will find
Me, with poetry

I got up and went
Until I break down again
Ever in need of a Holy Hand


one word 350


One Word 365 – Go

For a lover of words, choosing one word is a challenge. Well theoretically it is a challenge. But when the word chooses you, well that changes things. Switches it up a bit. If I recall correctly, which I am apt not to do, last year’s word, “Art”, chose me. Well loosely speaking.

There is a mutuality to choosing a word. One feels drawn to the word. The word seems to fit and you and the word enter into some sort of agreement to co-exist for 365 days. There is some “self-identifying” that goes into it. For me, I think I will be called to “go” more. There is a mystery, a calling and a trust. Go and I. Locked arms for the year.

Metaphorically speaking. As far as I know, “Go” has no limbs.

Choosing “a word” for the year is being done by many bloggers and writers. The idea is catching on. As best I can tell. I only know that I kind of like the idea. It seems to give me a focal point. A way to focus my life, my writing. It grounds my writing in some way without being legalistic and boxed in. A gentle guide, perhaps. Providing a benchmark. A roadmap. A guidepost.

(Alece Ronzino, @aleceronzino on twitter, and fellow-blogger at Grit and Glory dot com is the brainchild). I thought you should know.

It is a bit counter-intuitive to sum up a year at the beginning of the year. But I like the concept and something, in retrospect, about last year’s word “Art’ did define my year in many ways.

One Word 365 has an expansive website which I found interesting to explore. You may want to visit it too. And be inspired to identify your own word.

So for now I am at peace with where I will go with “Go” in 2014. I feel the impetus of a verb behind me, propelling gently my writing life. Last year’s noun suited last year. And helped me focus on the art of living and creating. 2013 offered many opportunities and my writing got up and went places. Exciting places, far away places, intriguing places.

So maybe “Go” makes sense and in fact is not as simple or odd as it may appear. “Go” whispers the beginnings of “God”. It hints and reminds me of the Divine. Turns me and points me like a spiritual compass before I even actually move.

And my #oneword365 is active and passive. I find peace in that too. I can intentionally begin my days with “Go”. Focused on movement of the heart or body.  And though I may not leave to travel to far flung places,  traveling only on the page with my writing, I am still active and moving.

“Go” reminds me that I should stay less often. If you have read here for even a little while you may recall that I create wide margins, habitually, regularly, by design. I am comforted by wide margins.

But I may need to say yes to going more often. Exploring. Seeking. Challenging myself. Meeting new people, places, and things in the going. My life feels pulled ever so gently into more “yeses” to going. To risking. To bravery and boldness in many aspects of my art and my just living.

Thank you for going with me. For walking along here through my poetry and prose. For listening to my noticing, my pondering, and for simply reading my words. It is an honor to “go” through life with others in this community.

To look for God and all his glory in the cracks and crevices, the folds of the day, the nuances of life and in the everyday daily. Together.

I am dreaming of going a few very special places this year. Lean in close and I will share one dream….that of joining a  meet-up in New York in April with my friends at Tweetspeak Poetry. And I am anticipating some surprises along the way. There are always plenty of them, aren’t there.

But mostly I am at peace just getting going daily. Loving well. Living well. Writing. Always writing. There is a book or two inside me that is just asking to be written. I hope I show up at my desk and actually go about writing a book in 2014. To that end, I am beginning a workshop on Monday with Jane Friedman. I wanted to add like ten exclamation points to the end of that sentence, but I thought it would be well, over-kill. Nine maybe, not ten.

You may notice things a little quieter here, or a little louder. I may be holed up in my Tweetspeak Poetry Workshop, busily trying to improve my art. Or I may be running back here to share with you. Either way, I hope to be challenged and changed.

Happy 2014 friends. I may not thank you enough. But I am grateful to have you here.

You may consider joining me on instagram, twitter @graceappears or “like” my facebook page. All that would be lovely if you’d like to come “go” with me there.

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