Still, I Go


Still I Go

Though tired
Or held
Suspended, frozen in
Mid air
Because of You I go

Though mired
In the madness
Afraid or all
Because of Grace I go

Though filled with an uncertainty
Whose root is still
Buoyed by Mercy’s sweet, soulful song
Because of Hope I go


joining my friend Sandy for Still Saturday

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Letting Go: Releasing Our Art Into The World

Letting Go

Go poem,
Words, go
Whether it be early or late
Or timed with perfection
You were born in a heart of passion
Raised up to be released
Born of the seed of God gift
Never formed for staying put.

Go art,
Poems, go
Go make your home in a heart
That weeps for encouragement
Cries for beauty, is starved for it
Longs for healing in a wounded place
Land and light and harbor in
The refuge of another’s sight.

Go lines
Art, go
Go and make your way through dark and lonely
Streets and hopeless hearts
Spark a flame, fuel it, fan it
Heat the cold and frozen places
Be a word that thaws
The soul, the frigid place within another’s heart.

be what you were called to be.
and be it away from me.

Fly on the wings of dove, in peace
And great horned owl, so wise
Hitch a ride on strong brown pelican
Strap yourself to wings of  great blue heron.

Go in peace
to the place
Were meant
To call your new


one word 250


Joining friend Jennifer Lee today

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The Encouragement To Go

Day one shadow

The Encouragement To Go

Sometimes we need the encouragement to step out and into, away or toward.  Sometimes we need a pull or push. The woo, the whisper. The invitation. A delightful plea.

Somedays we hunger for a call. A voice. Excitement. Permission. To hear the old spoken anew.
Somedays we need a new friend, an old friend too. A collision of yeses. A harmony of go’s.

Sometimes we need the repetition of the familiar played to the accompaniment of strings, not brass. Italics not bold. Gentle, not tough. The solo, not the symphony.

Some seasons we respond to age and wisdom not fleeting fancies or current trends. The rose with the thorn, not a re-constituted hybrid.

And we bend in to hear what may have been said all along. Yet suddenly we listen, and hear, and the invitation to go sinks down to the bottommost place of our soul.

To wander and wonder.
To run and soar.
To find and be found.
To discover and uncover.
To rest but not falter.
To store up but not hoard.
To enjoy and be joyful.

Some days we crave a soul full of poetry. To read and weep. To weep and exhale. To make art and be made by it too. To create and be re-created.

And so we go.
Whether out and beyond. To the new and to notice. Or close by to the familiar. Extending or pretending. Dreaming and imagining.

We go. Out and not in.
To others, not ourselves.
In charity and love.
With art and a song.
Seeking the beauty and beautiful. The grace and the gracious.

But in all of our ways, we long for the encouragement of another to just go.
From the Father, the friends, a poet, a child, another, a mother.
Go with glee. Go in love. Go to serve.
Encouraged, awakened, arisen, alive.
We go.
Never alone.


Joining Jennifer and Lyli

The Laws of Physics

one word 250

The Laws of Physics

A thimble holds my knowledge of
Physics baffles me, ties me up in knots
Not knowing an atom from Adam’s house cat

But I know the basics
Of power and might
Of David and Goliath
Of small things with enormous will
Endless possibilities

Strength, reconstituted
Boiled down to the root of the matter
Exponential greatness
Found in the most unlikely places

Go found me
I can turn it on its head
Flip it around, upside down
Add and subtract from the core of what it is

I don’t need a PHD to know
The power


Watch it go. Add a d, and see
Double the o then see
Goodness and mercy
Get really crazy and beautiful things appear
Gorgeous, it all started with a g and an o.

Physics spins me in circles
But I know get up and go
Simply step and step again and there you

Go with me
To a playful place
One Dr. Seuss and others know
The places we’ll go, oh the places we’ll go
You and me and the letters”G-O”.



Feel encouraged today. Place your name behind the word. One comment on the blog yesterday stirred my soul and I saw anew the power of encouragement in “GO”. Go in love, Go to serve, Go empowered by God’s mercy and grace. Go outside. Go tell it, go sing it, go make it, be it. Simply “GO”

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Joining Sandy at Sandra Heska King dot come for Still Saturdays