Silence: Soul Soil

Day 15 – Welcome. It is quiet around here. (To catch up on this 31 Day Series, click the tab at the top of my home page.)


Silence feeds my soul. I sit in the thick cloud of quiet and breathe in nutritious nothing. Stoke the burning embers of my spirit with more air from quiet spaces. Creativity lives there. Peace and calm attend me. It is as if I am starving for the deafening quiet. Thoughts parade through my mind on their sock footed silent march. Pat pat pat. Like cotton balls sneaking down the stairs. Tumbleweeds blow from the cobwebbed corners of my imagination places.

I am haunted by a holy hush. Muted moments merge into my mind.

And nearly every quiet moment feeds my hunger.

And yet I am filled with a guilty wondering. Why the wiring that is me needs portions of quiet that could feed four families for a fortnight.

Why my margins are so wide, that the world runs in a narrow single lane highway down my life. Is this a guilty pleasure, this seeking silence. Or is it the soul-food required for my survival. No, for my thriving. Creatively, joyfully, abundantly and wonderfully.

Do I choose quiet. Or does quiet choose me. Did I move into the quiet places out of a new sense of hunger and desire. Or did my soul finally settle into itself as a seeker of quiet. A needer of buffers for creating and pondering. For growing and giving

Silence, my soul’s soil. I embrace it. Inhale it. And give thanks for it in my world.

And when the dark clouds of loud and clanging change come, unwelcome in my world, may I have the grace to bend. Extend my hand to the invaders of my muffled space.

And say, this too is for my soul. This season of more noise and less quietude. This season of more chaos and less simplicity. Oh may my heart open the door and let some of the world’s noise in.

Spread my peace, share my peace. Release my peace. To another.

And celebrate that this is where God has made me to be and live, in the abundant place of silence. With prayerful thanks.

May I wait with patience for the return of silence, to come and feed my soul again. 







Bend into the silence
Let it
Tell you much

Guard your heart
From bitterness 
While you journey
A quiet, sacred place

Just as 
Blind men read
The world in
Bumpy Risen Braille
Cup your hand
Against your ears
Bend into peace

Welcome each
Soft syllable
Let it sing
And heal

Inside the inner
Quieting the fear

Speaks to you
In a holy hush
Amid the 
Noise wrapped around
The spinning world


It appears
Cloaked in gentleness
Precision in each move

Lift the bumpy, broken language
From a 3-D page
Read it through a
Grace-filled lens
Come heal our 

Awash in crimson stained
Robed in
As you slowly
Turn the page

The quiet, what it  has to say
The poet
The timid one
Afraid to add
Another voice 
To join
Popular debates

Lean in close
Silence adds a
Somehow, in some
And poetic way
To hear
Really listen

Listen to the whispers
Decode unspoken words
That never make it
From their frightened

The words, the cries

A blend of sadness
Pure joy 
Her world within a hurting world
Lies in
Layered silence
Buried in the dark

As ruins in Pompeii

Unburies and unearths
Beauty from the ash

Asking for
Remind us of the joy
Recall for us the beauty

Hidden in the ash

Weak, wounded
The message will break through

Listen to the silent ones
The meek
The mild
The child-like
The songstress, artist

Bend into the silence
Oh, learn from it 

Silent night
Holy night
All was calm
All was bright
And will be once again

Silence bears
Breathes anew
Silence redeems
Have mercy
Teach us to do the same


Healing ride on sacred wings 
Born in humble beds of hay
And on a silent night
Healing come again

With Laura today at Playdates at The Wellspring

Silence – No Words

May you experience the power of a touch, a glance, a silent prayer. May you embrace the quiet, enter into the praises in the music, hear anew the wind blow through and touch your face. May the sirens, screams, loud cries of the world fall silent on your soul as you seek His face, His charachter and His grace, in the beautiful silence.

Hoping wordless moments ride on wings like eagles, and lift you up into the Holy places for intimate moments of worship, prayer, and praise to God the Father.

Wishing you Silence on this Sabbath, a transforming and restorative pause from the world, and a regenerative break from the words.

Peace of our Lord,


Joining Deidra’s wonderful Sunday Community and The Nester for the 31 Days Series.

This is Day 14. You can read the collective here.

Please feel free to leave a comment, but in the spirit of Silence-No Words, you may choose to simply embrace the quiet and leave your sweet quiet presence instead. Enjoy the tranquil, enjoy the quiet.

A Still Quiet Place

We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.

(from C.S. Lewis)  
   Friends, my Sunday hope for you as you see this day begin its end is that you steal away to a quiet place for peace and friendship…wishing you His grace as you……….                  


Take a minute,

Seek the silence,

Search out solitude,

Find a friend,

Grab the good,

Rest in quiet,

Think on blessings,

Knaw on words,

Release worry,

Ponder gratitude,

Curl up in the comfortable seat of Grace

And speak your heart to a precious friend.