ive got my eye on you dirty donkey

Punctured through the thin membrane
She glances back through glazed wet eyes
Pierces life suspended, breaks with fork prong
Pokes the times that crashed though cushioned
Twisted metal years collide held in gentle memory

She stares at hope, mercy new broken through
The soil of new black earth
Wet with promise
Holding pregnant pauses possibilities
Birth and death collide

Your days, our lives
Intersected crossed, our paths
Left marks that tell of living
Skid marks, post marks
Sealed the envelope of life with love
And cracked it open time and time again

Sheltered cushioned every time
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Has saved each misstep along the way
And held we were by mercy’s arms
By Glory here and Glory there
A halleluia chorus gathered round and rocked us into safe sweet arms

We collide.