Remaining In The Shallow Water


Remaining In The Shallow Water

We push off
With both feet
Hot like two fiery embers
Smokin’ hot
From the splintered dock
Equipped wtih
Everything we’d need
Vienna Sausages
Lance Crackers
And Diet Coke
Iced down in the Coleman
Beside the beer
Along with plenty of desire
And hope
That this would be the day
We’d fight
He’d flail
Then lose
And we’d prevail
Conquerors of salty brackish seas
My love
And me
Dreaming of elusive trophies in our nets

At the end of day
Fatigued and wearied travelers
Arrive home now
All canned potables gone
Under a canopy of every shade of
Pinks and oranges
We’ve nothing
But a panoramic view
Of summer’s 
Sluggish setting sun

But hope 
We realize
That the one that got away

Would have sunk us
Capsized our little ship
And we
With wild desires and dreams
Seem glutenous
As we Monday morning
A bit

Now that we arrive
Back home
Tie up and wobble weary
Down the sun-bleached dock
We discover
From surveying our
Wet and empty nets

We are happier 
Having bagged
No treasures
Nothing bleeds
From the bent end of
Rod or reel and rusty hook

No noticeable triumph
With scales or gills
No victory
From our time 
Away at sea

Simply, home now
Empty handed

The treasure was
The journey

In our small
Blue-green wooden
Out on the great big salty
My man and me
Settling for nothing
Conquerors, we won the battle

We bagged 



Joining my friends at Tweetspeak Poetry for their poetry prompt: The One That Got Away





Flounder-like, belly side down
Arms as elbowed paddles
Ten-toed fin, to guide her stern
She points her freckled nose
As dolphin do
Toward horizon’s
Faint thin line
Goal to nowhere
Far, far, away
As if to aim for nothing,
Or toward everything
Invisible to the eye
Every now and then
Covered by the pulsing salty ebb
Pulsing flow
The water’s wet heartbeat
Slower than her own

This aquatic journey
Finds her rolled, in seconds flat
Into a soggy silk cocoon
Tossed, her torso bent, curved
Into a salty spherical swell

The beginning of the giving in
A bit
And riding
And not against

The swells
Of good intent

Eyes now skyward
Even heavenward
She learns
From wave on wave
Those cotton white
Mirrored on the sea
Yet dancing freely
Against the sky
No with

Yes, with
This is how she learned








Joining the folks at Tweetspeak for the poetry prompt: swell

Heaven’s Rock, And Roll

rain hammock chainEvery window
Wet with tears
Won’t stop
The rain
Running down the cheeks

Of window
Every single
Sash and dash
Rim and Ledge
Wears a rain stained
Heavy countenance
Tinged with melancholy
Rolling down the tracks of rain
Dropping rain
Drops like rocks
On top of every rooftop

The sappy sentiment
Soaks the shell of man

But oh
The hope that lies within
Even while
The heavens crack
The rumble rolls
Like stampeding wild horses
The sky, heavy hooves
Sound the charge
The storms arrive

Her tear-soaked faith
Will not swim in pools
Of pain
But rather

She will choose

To walk in
Fields of grace
In oceans too
Stroke by stroke,
Listening to Van Morrison’s
Songs that drown
The pain

Torrential sheets of water flood
Breaking forth
Released onto
Man below without an arc
Every crown of head
And top of roof

Born from every ounce of  grace

Simply turns the music up
A notch, reaches for the highest decibals
Blaring triumphant brass and strings
And steel guitar with rocking beats
A chorus of foreshadowing

joy that sees
Wet casements
Windows will reflect
The countenance of praise
And wipe the running raindrops
Racing down,
Smearing foggy glass will
Glisten, cleaned
With rags of vinegar
To cleanse a soaked and soggy

Of  man

By the very  hand of
The Man of Hope
The Son of God

The Washer  of
The dirt and pain
Rolling every rock and stone
Away revealing
Melody of Joy

That rocks and rolls us
Whole and healed
Dried by cloths of healing grace

Once again
Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
You’re heaven’s
Rock and roll
And lullaby

Bye and Bye
Sweet bye and bye