Wheelbarrow Of Words

orchid and sun through door slats

You single wheeled cart
She places her art inside of you
A through Z tumble out hard
Carrying all that wells up inside of her

You handle with care the words
She places there, for now
Sacred container of
Words, filled to the brim, spilling over the rim

Z through A jumbled pieces, imperfect
No home in  prose
You hold
Everything that needs a holy  home

You carry pieces of a soul
Spun with tenderness with fragile yarn
Depositing gentle at the feet

Of those
Meant to receive a gift of poetry
Not prose

Line by line the art pulls the thread
Which started in the left ventricle of her heart
Held now frozen on a page
WIthin the walls
Of this word  sanctuary called


Penned imperfection, carried with care within a
Wheelbarrow of words
As with all that ‘s meant to fly away
She’ll  pin the Monarch wings and set them free

You may now
Dump out all her poetry
Metaphor  which carries dirt
Your services  no longer needed here

For if she is created in His image
As it says
Co-creator with her God on High
She’ll park the wheelbarrow in the shed
For now

And humbly place the winged words
On the currents of the wind
And wave goodbye to what
Was born inside of her

Grace and peace to you as you travel far or near
My heart, my art, my  poetry

Joining Laura at Playdates At The Wellspring