Winter Blues?

January Blues?

Unexpected Joy is always the richest and deepest kind.  Like the balm of unexpected grace after pain.  Like the intense beauty of camilias bursting forth in whites more pure than untouched snow.  Such a paradox in their light and dark pinks, inventing new shades of color under the direction of the Creator.  And during the darkest of months and times.

January Blues?  January new birth like the intricate winter blooms in fiery reds, red and white stripes and pinks seem to earn a new color name in their uniqueness.  Responding to the directive voice and brushstroke of the Creator.  Pointing toward hope for the future and a nod toward the joy that is to come.

A sister of mine leaves for Haiti next week to be a January balm, a healing balm to a people in need of love and care and hope and encouragement.  Just as she is the deliverer of hope and healing, she will be delivered  Unexpected joy will wash anew in the restorative Caribbean blue water.

A stepping out and forth brings healing and closure and the covering by grace of our sometimes gaping wounds.

My sister experienced deep lose, death and pain the last time she stepped out to minister in love to her beloved Haiti.  Returning before beginning.  Her joy interrupted by pain.  But God….By His Grace and Mercy brough light in the dark and joy through the pain of this long January season with dormant love pushing through the black soil of lifes hurt. The dirty gritty places of sorrow.  The dark places moist with tears.

….To comfort and heal and deliver unexpected joy.

And He does this over and over again in our lives.  This presenting of Joy unexpected.  Handing out joy gifts, with the sweetest and most precious arriving after death and pain.  Fresh starts, new beginnings, hopeful next steps.  A getting up and going on under the covering of Love.

Stepping out, going forth, pressing on, pushing past the nutrient rich black soil periods of our life.  Fed and nourished in the dark to burst forth with joy in the light.

Now it's your turn. I am honored that you took the time to comment. Thank you.

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