Learning to Savor

Stop, halt, pause, wait a dang on minute, hold up, hold your horses, freeze-frame, hold on, hold it – stop right where you are.

Searching for the words to stop life from moving forward right now. Seeking ways to savor and breathe in deep the here and the now, the moments of the present.

Knowing that there are precious moments and sub-moments and subtle micro-moments in the days of the now.

Looking for and longing after all that is in the present and pressing it down to the places of the heart.

A giggle, a grunt, a question, a statement, an expression, a comment, a look, a word – its all precious and its all worth capturing.

Learning to savor and breathe in all of the here and the now, the current, the present, the gift of the moment.

Because life won’t stop or hold on, I’ll seek to hold it, more closely, more tightly, more tenderly.

To capture, to record, to press into my memory keeper all of life thats happening now. To ingest and digest and marinate in all the good and the great and the joy and the love.

Because it is there for the capturing.

And is there to be cherished.

Sweet moments can rest in the places of the heart and be called back up again and again. But they must be recorded first. The historian of my memories is me and I must be fully awake and present.

Tonight we are having lamb and winter vegetables by the fire. I know it is more than that. It is a time for memory making and memory saving.

And I will be there seeking to savor the sweet taste of family. And by God’s grace I won’t miss a moment.

(the recipe and pictures of lamb and vegetables created by the Patient One will be posted under Home Sweet Home in a future post).

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