The Dance

I am stuck between wanting to be still and needing to move.  This may be an oddly unique position I find myself in.  

Its like a spiritual hokey pokey.  I put my left foot in and take my left foot out.  I put my right foot in and I shake it all about.  I do the hokey pokey and then I do it all again.  And that’s what its all about.

Well not really.  But with the beginning of Lent I am more reflective about moving and being still.  Not just still as in frozen, bump on a log, but still before God in a listening and hearing type of still.

My laundry is piling up and I need to take action.  But can I be still while I’m folding.  Be still before him with hands moving.  Can I blend the stillness and the activity. Like the perfect hollandaise, blended to perfection with the tart of the lemon added to the smooth creamy yellow sauce. Will I be still and listen to what he needs to ,wants to speak to my heart. His dashes of salt are always perfect.

Reflecting on this piece — ARABIA TIME

Apart from man, alone with God

Resting in the arms of God

Abiding in the love of God

Brought to our knees by the mercy of God

Intent on seeking the will of God

Awakened by the will of God

Trusting in the truth of the gospel as the voice of God

Impacted mightily by the forgiveness of God

Meditating on the power of God

Embracing the divine will of God


We are all discussing what we are going to add and subtract in this family, in our home. I am not good at math and as the cruise director with the clipboard of the family how will I keep up.  Wait, I think that is God’s deal not mine.  So back to my addition and subtraction during Lent.  Expectantly adding a couples bible study to my week.  Very expectant.  And adding walking.  And this is where I will seek and listen and abide and meditate and rest and reflect and abide away from man.  My furry children and I will walk. Hearts open, eyes open, and listening for that still small voice.  Or there may need to be a message delivered via a megaphone.  I don’t know but I’ll seek to hear it all.

I am humbled by this blog and I will be seeking HIM as I write during these next forty days.  It is with great humility that I say thank you for reading and choosing to come to these pages. Your comments are gifts and your time spent here is precious to me.  Feel free to share with friends if you see anything worth passing on.

My furry children and I will take some good walking pictures on the beach and all around our walking paths.

Wishing His Grace and His Peace,

Elizabeth – wynnegraceappears








2 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. Elizabeth, I have just read all of your posts. They are each so beautiful, and full of meaning. May God give you precious quiet time with Him during this Lent, that you may be refreshed and renewed, and we can also be touched by your time with Him. Love you! Linda

    1. Linda, thank you for reading all the posts. How humbled I am by the gift of your time.Thank you for praying for refreshment of the spirit and the pen slash keyboard. Wishing you His blessings and Grace, Elizabeth

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