A Love Note From A Friend — And A Reply

I lost my happy for a little while. Like Eve hiding behind a tree or a leaf, I hide behind my blowdryer. Lost in a place of sorting out, making sense of a series of words that sting, the white noise rush of hairdryer soothes.

This hot pink cover can’t last long.

And out in the open is where I go.

Met by gift.

And this is what a friend looks like.

Captured beauty showing up and I am there to receive through the tears.

A kiss from the heavens.

Searing orange and reds of sun and sky meeting earth. Good by day you’ve been sweet to me.

Gifts bearing witness to God breaking through all things to whisper I am here, I’ve been here, I’ll always be here.

A calming hush over a day, the dusk sky yawning ready for bed. Ready for rest. Ready for peace.

A friend stands in the gap. And brings gifts when they are needed, like a healing balm.

Thank you friend. Did you know I didn’t walk today. I didn’t take a picture today. I didn’t capture the beauty of the day.

But GOD.

He knew.

Thank you for His provision through you.

God’s grace, unmerited favor, delivering His love notes from His creation through friendship.

And the sweet soothing Joy creeps back in the heart and soul of the wounded.

The hot pink hiding place of heat is put away and is replaced by soft pink beauty speaking soothing comfort.

God breathes Peace.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your steadfast love.

Thank you for helping bring my happy back.

Thank you, my super glue friend.

You are loved and appreciated.

3 thoughts on “A Love Note From A Friend — And A Reply

  1. I’m your friend too!!! Thanks for inviting me in…you never cease to amaze me! Love you and so thankful for our friendship!

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