A Joy Hunt

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A Joy Hunt

by wynnegraceappears

I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy; I’m singing your song, High God”
Psalm 9:2

You made me so happy God. I saw your work and I shouted for joy.”
Psalm 92:4

I didn’t capture the love gifts of The Patient One. With my camera. But I did with the heart. The clean house, cut camelias, trip to the store, folded laundry and dinner prepared. My heart records.

I didn’t capture the good night hug from middle son. But my heart recorded the trip to my bedside and the hug, the sweet embrace and the I love you.

There are no photos of the oldest man/child saying I love you. I’ll call you later momma.

This is all enough. More than enough. Much much more than enough to push out pain and let in Joy. News of a hurting one close to me bears down with stinging nettles. I want to bottle my Joy and deliver it to her door. The hurting one is not one. There are many in my world. Multiples.

Joy is the serious business of heaven”
C.S. lewis

And I have had serious worker bees in the Joy business minister to me time and time again. Those ministering angels who called and hugged and prayed on the days the black shadows robbed Joy.

There were those who spoke a word of encouragement when pain pressed in, numbing Joy.

Today their pain moves me to prayer. And to capture Joy, hold it in my hand and deliver it to theirs.

Hunting for Joy is a joy.

Joy IS serious business. It brings serious change to the heart of the hurting.

Praying for Joy in your day and released Joy into your world.

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