The Invitation of the Now

A click.  Its captured.  Recorded.  The elusive time moment is frozen, hardened.  Movement stops.  Stays.  Stands.  Like a fossil it is preserved for cherishing, treasuring.

An otherwise fluid moment is caught like fire fly.  Her light now owned by the mason jar bearing her light.  Beauty imprisoned by walls of glass.

The eyes, the heart , the mind can now savor, like penny candy lasting long and slow.Each suck and lick and chew hanging on tongue and lip.

All flavor intensified in the slow linger of drawn out enjoyment.

These all that we have moments are sitting there for the capture like warm bread from the oven calls out to butter come melt over me now while I am hot and fresh. Now is the time for you to slide down my hot sides in rivers of oozing you.

Like full moon invites come gaze on me now while the fullest and whitest of me is hanging out  dancing for you.  Your pleasure.  He knows tomorrow the bright and the white and the shine will dim.  He knows the peak of his beauty like ripe sweet melon is now.  Only now. His waning to come, still beautiful but less intense.

She invites.  Come watch this sweet, so sad, beautiful humanity captured on film.  Invitation gold leafed and precious.  Poignant.  I delay.  Can we wait.

It never waits.  They can’t.  They weren’t designed for such.  Their moment is now.  If lost, they are less.  They are less than they were ever designed to be.  Like ripe is over ripe or under ripe.   Their perfection, these fruits, these moments, is in the just right timing.  Their present.  Their gift.

As I lay head down after day I say, can we watch this short piece about life together, this film.  I’ve gone to bed now momma is the reply.

So the delay meant loss.

But today as His Mercies are new, so is the opportunity to grab hold of the gift of the now.  The present.  The mundane.  The Big.  The Right Here.

We’re circled round these precious ones in my Lenten Bible Study.  His Lenten Bible Study, really.  He just allowed me to be a part.  Called to join and participate.

And we rest there for a bit.  On these moments of passing others.  Like cars up and down 17 in blur and in frenzy we often pass the one in need of a word.  That small acknowledgement of one to another that we see, we hear, we’re here,  we feel, we want to know. And we agree to hold each other to account.  Thats good.  Always good.  Did you slow down enough to ask and bless with words.  Did you ratchet down the pace long enough to exchange words of Love and blessing.  Did you look into those telling eyes long enough to seek out and welcome what burden of humanity they may need to share.  If only asked to.

Were you present in the present? Were all your senses engaged and fully awake?

And today has its moments to record and document in the heart and soul.  But  the historian has to be awake and still and always with pen in hand to record them. To live them fully and abundantly.  To absorb and soak in.

Counting the Gifts.

2 thoughts on “The Invitation of the Now

  1. Again, you inspire me with your words. Loved our precious time together and just as you write we need to cherish each moment and give thanks for the grace God gives us every day if we just open our eyes and ears to see and listen.

    1. Jody, what a sweet friend you are with your encouragement and your kind words. So glad you are back in small group. You were missed. I count it a blessing the days you are there. Thank you for your loving and generous spirit. I am grateful you want to read and grateful you find something of worth. Thank you for pushing away the doubt and bringing an uplifting moment to MY day. Love in Christ

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