Out Of The Muck

Fatigue, worry, pain and despair come knocking.

So we go walking.

And His unfailing Love and Mercy rain down in the most amazing of places.

Plucking my heart from the muck.

Refocusing on fur and those eyes.  Those eyes.

God–made truffle brown, orbs of beauty.

Regal, piercing, glistening.

Steely stare of wonder.

I don’t know who needs whom more.

I have nothing to offer.  No carrot no hay.

And the soul soaks up the looks and the glances of God created beauty.

Perfectly timed.

A friend in her fur.

Me in my need.

And at the most unexpected times we are ministered by His Grace.

I focus on the eyes.

And look back.

Long moments of soaking up the smells and the sounds of rustle of wind, smell of him.  Musk and all good barn smells.

Memories of youth of barn and carrot and saddle and hay.

And it was always the eyes.  Rich like espresso soothing the broken soul.

Barbed wire shadows on face, on heart.

We stare and breathe.  Heart beat to heart beat.

Eye ball to eye ball.  Fur and withers exchange glances with me.

In need of comfort and hope.

Proverbs 15:30 – A twinkle in the eye means joy in the heart, and good news makes you feel fit as a fiddle.

What amazing joy a donkey can bring to the soul of man.

What incredible good news road on his back , waving palms and songs of praise down dusty road.

Counting gifts and giving thanks for those ministering angels that come to hearts in need.

*Safe return of first born

* Fields of cows, calves and a pair of white donkeys

*Time with glorious statues at the Gardens to stare in awe

*Time on the island to revisit the chapel

*Friends who call

*Office workers at the doctors office who smile and are patient who bless.

*Blogs in my in box which bring me comfort and joy

Streams of living water.

He who brings good news.

May you soften your heart to all He has for you this day.

It is the day that He has made.

Let us be glad and rejoice as we allow Him to pluck us out of our muck.

Wishing Grace and Counting Gifts into the night.


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