Message In A Bottle And Other Places

I love a sweet story.

Heck, I  just love story and stories. Stories allow us to peek into places and people and amazingly woven lives.  Lives lived out colored in hope.  Drawn in love.  Painted with wonder.

But I especially love tucked away stories that have a tender sweet hiddeness to them.

The ones that call you  to look a little deeper, seek a little longer, and go a little further with the eyes of your heart. To see the good, the miracle, the Grace.

Do you have one.  I’d love to hear a piece of it.  A part of it.  Or all of it.

Because stories encourage and stir us and point us toward hope.

The hope of the what’s to come.  The hope of God’s hand in our tomorrow and our today.

I love the creative ways of God.  And how he finds us ,speaks to us in and through our circumstances, through our families, and through the lives around us.

And just like a message in a bottle, sometimes they are tucked away a little bit.

Precious girl of mine was asked to walk on the beach.  And there buried in the sand was a message in a Coke bottle asking her to go to the prom.  A man after my own heart, tucking away a little bit.  Creating a stumble upon moment to pop this little milestone question.  Creating a moment of discovery and surprise.  And allowing a sweet moment of joy.  Simple sweet joy.

So I am heading out to look for the sweet simple joy today.

And I’m bending my ear to hear His stories of Grace.  Your stories of Grace.

And to look for buried messages of His love.  And the messages of His love which are out in plain view.

I asked for two groups to pray for me.  And I see God moving already in that area.

Thank you my friends.  Thank you my God.

Your messages wrapped in Love are Gift.

You offer us Hope.  Bring us Hope.  Show us Hope.  Deliver Hope. Your message, your word is clear, so clear.  Thank you for sending us Hope.  By the cross and through your Son.

May we see all that you have for us this day.

Wishing His Grace,


4 thoughts on “Message In A Bottle And Other Places

  1. my dear Elizabeth, The Turk family now–on the way home to Oak Park. We are showing them our new place. Becca has gotten me to your awesome blog. WOW! Nothing in the world like music, art, books and POETRY ! I salute you for your incredible gifts. Wish you were here to receiving a HUGE HUG! Maybe very soon,

    devotedly AM:IE

  2. What a sweet, thoughtful way to ask a girl to a prom. And story is where it all started, isn’t it? The stories of His words that speak to us on how to live. Happy Palm Sunday Elizabeth!

    1. Amen sister. He has a book to dig down deep into and rest in, to draw life from. How he touches us and changes us with His Word.a Bless you for popping in, sweet Shelly. Bless you on this special day.

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