Let’s Go On A Scavenger Hunt For Joy

Written in the front pages of an old journal are the words “We can’t remember what we don’t record.

My friends, I say

 My Heart does not remember what I do not record.

Go write down on the pages of your heart the good in this day.

Jot down joy and marinate in the moments of this single day.

Seek and find particles, pieces, and chunks to hold . Cup them in those fingers with care.

Hold a thought, a sentence, a paragraph for more than a moment.  Scribble it on paper or on heart pages.

Be the diligent record keeper of this one life.Take good notes along the way.

Let’s go on a scavenger hunt for joy.

Paint the beautiful.  Write the wonderful. Click the lense with a curious eye. Capture the amazing grace.

Press a flower, preserve the worth preserving in a can, a jar, a journal.

Then be joy, and share joy with others in this one day.

And my friends I say deep down thank yous for being Gift and being here.

Make Art from and in your day.

And to Him, The Artist and The Creator God be all the Glory.

And all God’s people say amen, and amen.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Go On A Scavenger Hunt For Joy

    1. Yes, yes it is all Him and all because of Him. Amazing how He loves us and showers us. Let’s find Jesus anew this day on this hunt for all he gives. Thank you for choosing to visit here. Grateful here.

    1. Kind so kind. Blesses me to know you are reading. How was your scavenger hunt for joy. Hope your net was full and knowing you it was. Oswald Chambers was oh so good today. Know you started your day that way. Loving you…..

    1. Yes it is. It keeps us anchored in gratitude and aware of God’s goodness. Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for reading and then commenting. Grateful here. Keep on the lookout for His Gifts.

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