6 thoughts on “The Future Looks Bright

  1. I love the version of this verse that says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and bring you an expected end.”

    How comforting it is to know that my chaos, pain, turmoil, confusion, even happiness isn’t a surprise to HIM, Behind all unexpected moments are “expected endings” planed before I was knit in my mothers womb. I am so glad He is my expectation and my hope.

    Thank you for sharing the verse and gorgeous photos!

    1. So great to have your here. I hope you are well and I hope your new blogging adventure is coming together as you planned–know God has good plans for that journey of yours. Yes, I love love this translation too, so very much!! It is just so full of HOPE. I rest on His promises today. My stuff needs His touch and His words which breathe hopeful expectation. Thanks for stopping by. Blessing and wishing His Grace

    1. Thank you for being here and for leaving a comment, humble thanks for both. God’s word brings comfort and here I seem to like The Message. And ah, yes, the plan we can’t see. Warm smiles back! I am resting on this claim because I too feel uncertainty and am weak in my Trust about tomorrow. But He knows and His plans are good. And oh so much better than mine. Wishing His Grace….Hope to see you back here. The future is bright because of His love for us.

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