Eyes To See Like He Sees

{Today I am linking up over at Lisa Jo’s for some fun on Friday. Today we are writing for five minutes on the word prompt see. No editing, no over thinking, just writing for five minutes. Come see what the fun is all about at The Gypsy Mama’s blog. Ready, go, write}

I see him there.  Yes right there working through this preparation to go off to camp, no its not off to war.  We had dinner with a friend this week, he’d just gotten that call.  You know the dreaded one, his nephew had just been shot in Afghanistan.  No its not that.

The eyes of my head see the mess, the struggle, the confusion, the ADHD still there tangling up the processes of life.

Messy messes and turmoil.  No organization.  Upheaval.  The eyes of my heart know that it is this.

I have seen this for years now, how it challenges and entangles and strangles.

Today he leaves for camp and I will see through blurry eyes a child soon to be a man, in months now, walking out the door to be a counselor, to help others.

And I know that when he walks back in the door I will see transformation and change. I will see maturity and new talents and experiences that have jumped on his back for the trip back home.

But more than anything while he is gone, I want to learn to see him through the eyes of God.  To see past and through and deeply down into his inner places of hurt and pain, the way God sees.

Kingdom eyes please give me the eyes to see like You.


10 thoughts on “Eyes To See Like He Sees

  1. “Wow” is the first thing that popped to mind when I finished reading your blog post. You packed such emotion into those words in 5 minutes. The images you portray paint a very clear picture in the mind of your reader! I wish you the best!

    1. Oh what kind words. Thank you for being here and for your generous encouragement. Please come back and visit anytime. You are invited over here, always. Grateful here. Elizabeth

    1. Oh thanks. That is so kind. I am grateful for those prayers. Wow, what a needed gift, of mercy. And thanks for being over here on this blog home of mine. Great to have you here. Hope life is full of blessings your way.

    2. Thank you for your prayers. And please accept my apologies for the slow response. I am so grateful you were here and that you left inspiration, insight and most importantly that you felt moved to pray for my son. Don’t stop. Hope things are well with you. Wishing you all that you hope for this summer.

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