Rolling With It Through Brooklyn–Day One

Will you pop over here and see the beginning of this exciting ministry (

Oh God is so good.

What a privilege.

Amazing grace.

Savoring the fresh memories of discovering Brooklyn, her beauty, her people and especially thanking her for lending us her lovely white subway tile walls for ministry.

Words across, words down.

Clues calling out to the weary and the lonely.

A crossword puzzle taped to a wall crosses cultures and languages and invites.

Come solve me. Come gather around the word. The words bridge between the north and the south.

The words carry love.

The clues intrigue and offer a word of Hope, of community, of Love and of Grace.

Eyes of the lonely stare empty curious. Eyes of the skeptic glance at the grace.

Eyes of the mind and heart pause then enter in the game, the fellowship, the team work, before the train comes.

And after the train comes.

A subway,our Creative God, and two screaming yellow buses.

And the story continues, as we roll out of Brooklyn.

Amazed by Grace.

Three in one and one in three–Fourteen Down. And the answer was and always is, the Trinity.

We have felt the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit deep in the bowels of Brooklyn.


2 thoughts on “Rolling With It Through Brooklyn–Day One

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your encouragement. What joy I found in your words. I will look forward to visiting over at your place to read and to share. I hope you will find your way back over here for a visit to this community. Please forgive my delayed response. Grace required. May you day hold boatloads of joy.

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