A Letter To One, Strong And Brave

Dear Strong and Brave One:

I would like to think you know. But I can’t risk that you don’t.

I would like to believe I told you, with deep and strong words. From my lips straight to your heart.

I’d like to think I said boldly and clearly and immediately these words, the ones I say now.

I hope you know how strong and brave I think you are.

But in case I have not spoken clear words of love of your brave spirit, I tell you now.

Declare the words. Let them spill out from my heart onto the page.

The words dance off my fingertips with deep strong love.  So you will always know.

And so you will never doubt.

And in case you didn’t hear or if my words came out a whisper instead of a bold brave shout. I will say it here.

You are brave. And you are strong.

Because you forgave. And showed Dignity and Grace.

And you moved forward.

You forgave fully and wholly and kept on going. Kept on living.

Without fear. You chose amazingly, Grace.

And you chose strength and you chose bravery.

Because you modeled what forgiveness lives like, looks like, acts like.What love looks like too.

In a hard place of hurt and pain, you were brave and you were strong and you forgave.

And you didn’t have to go back again to the place of pain. But you did.

You showed strength, lived strength, are strength. And you didn’t hesitate to embrace the challenge. Of facing the memory or the linger of the pain.

Because you were bold and steadfast and rock-solid in your strength in your  spirit.

Your heart beats strong and your soul shouts gentle strength.

And if you ever doubt, know this.

You are loved. You are brave. And you are strong.

You make me smile.

And I am proud that you’re my son.



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