Broken: Simply A Story of Hope

Something in my world  was broken.

Injured. Wounded. Hurting.

It looked as though all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put something back together again.

Broken beyond repair.

To many. To most. To the world.

Hope was fading.Hope was dim. There were days when hope was gone.

And hearts were hurting, aching, bruised. Hearts were busted. Tears ran down the cheeks of man.

They ran hard, they ran fast, and they ran wet.

And they flowed, these tears.They flowed long. They flowed steady.

They delivered the sting of grief to the puddled places of the pained.

And the words flew all around.

While the sting of pain seared red hot mad.

Hope  slipped away. Despair settled in.

For some, hope was no more.

Until God.

Until God the Healer breathed His healing breath into the brokeness.

Until God the restorer of Hope touched the broken.

The hard is made soft. The tough turns to tender. The Light shines in the dark.

The broken begins to show signs of healing where Light pierces the charcoal black,
the pit dark, the ebony shadows of hurt.

God’s touch brings new life. Restores the busted.

Delivers change. Re-builds hope. And rebuilds lives.

Restores souls.

And God writes the  change. He writes the story new. He bold proclaims the title changed, to one with Him, of Hope.

With each new page, Healing stands up and stands strong in the middle of the mess.

With each new day, Love pours out and finds a home in the heart of the hurting.

And broken mends at the hands of the Healer. And pain fades dim while Hope shines bright.

And man looks on and says, this is miracle to me. This is  miracle to us.

The story is told anew by The Author of Hope.

An ending is rewritten, for today. An ending of Hope and Healing.

And man stands in awe of God. A witness to His  work of love in lives, in hearts, in hurt.

And the King of Kings puts all the broken pieces back together again.

And man tells of this change. And of these things. And speaks of the work of The Re-creator. In his life. And in his heart.

While Hope grows strong and steady.

Where hope was lost, new songs  now sing from the lips of man.

The eyes see, anew. The ears  hear anew. The heart is witness. And will never forget.

The Broken fades and the Healing continues.

The wounded reach out to the Healer and hang on, with Hope, in Love.

Tears dry. And happy has a place to be. And Joy moves in and finds her home among the hearts of the once-broken.

And God delights in the renewal of the Hope, of the Love, of the Wounded Heart.

He binds up the broken, with restorative Love.

He wipes the eye and clears the tear again and again.

And the Human heart sees. And the lips give Praise. And tell. And show.

And the life tells its new story.

Of God, of Love and of the Healed.

Lives point to  Him who  is Good and Him who is Great.

And the Broken are mended in love, once again.

And the lips and the words and the lives tell of this.

And the restored cannot keep quiet. And the healed cannot sit silent.

So they tell of the Editor and Author of Grace.

That God’s Grace and Love poured out into the cracks and healed the broken shards.

And  lives were restored, with God Love.

To the Healer be Glory. Forever and ever Amen.

The beginning. NOT the end.

Because He writes these stories for all.

And the power in the telling of one gives Hope to the stories of many.

What’s your story of God’s restored Hope and Healing? 

Linking with Duane and Jennifer and Ann today.

21 thoughts on “Broken: Simply A Story of Hope

  1. “And happy has a place to be”.
    This is our job to build then open the tabernacle and make room for God to inhabit our lives.

    1. Oh, so blessed you are here today. Thank you for this wisdom. And what a gift that your eyes and your heart were right here reading. I am humbled. Thank you for powerful truth. Thank you for choosing to speak into this day.


  2. I am reading a book right now called “Lazarus Awakening” by Joanne Weaver. She speaks on giving God “the quill of my will”. I love this thought and I was thinking your post illustrates this idea so beautifully. 🙂

    1. Oh Danelle, what a gift to have you here. Thank you for telling me about this book. WOW. I will look forward to exploring it soon. I want to meditate on that for a long while…. “the quill of my will” There is such beauty in that picture. It is so nice to have you here. I hope you will come back for a visit. I humbly thank you for visiting and taking the time to write kindness here.

  3. wow… I read this out loud slowly and it took my breath away for a minute. I sat in silence and then I said ‘Yes He does restore and heal the broken’. He healed me layer after layer and deep within deep.
    This is SO beautiful.
    You could not have written this unless you have experienced it.
    For His Glory ~ we stand restored.

    1. Jessica, what a gift to have you visiting here. Thank you for leaving kindness in the comments. I am humbled and grateful. Look forward to seeing you again here and there in the bloggy world.

  4. again, thank you. He is the restorer of lives and hearts and He heals those whose hearts are broken. He brings the lonely and the downcast and pulls them up with joy and laughter and love. Thank you for this post. I have read it twice. It is powerful.

  5. Yes, yes, yes! You story sounds so much like mine! We clung to the “beauty for ashes, festive oil instead of mourning, beautiful clothes instead of mourning clothes” promises and God has brought us to such a beautiful place that we didn’t know even existed. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh what joy is in your words. Thank YOU for sharing. Thank you for visiting here in this community. And I am grateful too that you chose to leave kind words n the comments. Hoping to see you again. God Bless

  6. Oh friend. I am so grateful,l too, for this God who is setting things to rights in the most glorious, grandest of ways. He is wildly extravagant in His grace and His healing. Love this. Love ((you)).

    1. What a gift to have you here today. I too am grateful for the Hope He gives and the restorative power of His Mercy and Love. Thanks for your kind words. It is lovely having you in this community today. Bless you Tammy.

  7. Oh oh oh! How He restores and rebuilds!! What a blessed testimony of His love that knows no bounds nor barriers. Beautiful words! Thank you for linking this up and sharing it! I am thankful to have read it, and been touched by it!

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