Nestled In The Here of The Moment

Today is Friday so I am participating in Lisa-Jo’s 5-Minute Friday writing flash mob. We write for five minutes with no editing, no over-thinking and no backtracking. Today’s word from Lisa-Jo is Here. GO










It’s as if I got a second chance to learn this.

To learn this part of living, this being in the moment, right here.

Being present.

I lived other ways for so long but I woke-up to the right here, right now. The moment that I am living.

Like coming out of hibernation. It is a Rip-Van-Winkle kind of awakening.

When you live and feel and breathe and see everything in its glory right before all your senses.

When you can hear the heart beats around you and smell the baking bread and notice the goose-bumps on your child and see one more laugh line on your husbands face that moved in right beside the aqua blue eyes frame by silver hair.

And you feel awake in the moment, no longer dulled by the numb of being elsewhere.

You feel arms wide open and heart wide open and life wide open.

No longer living in yesterday’s life or racing ahead to tomorrow’s maybe’s, but wholly fully extravagantly exuberantly present living here and now.

And you discover a whole new way of living and a passion for the life you have before you right now, right here.

And its a glorious way to live.

To be awaken by God to be no where but here. And to love it.


(God grace? A minute or so over losing myself in the right here. Wanted to write and write and write and write.)

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25 thoughts on “Nestled In The Here of The Moment

  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!!! A second chance…this is what it feels like. Experiencing everything for the first time again. Real and true gratitude. This was an awesome post!

    1. Thank you for coming over here for a visit. Its a pleasure to meet you. Yes, yes, “experiencing everything for the first time again.” How wonderful to fully participate in the now in the present. To live right here. Thank you for your kind words here at my place. Grateful.

  2. oohh… goosebumps and soul stirred on this one. I love this line, “And you discover a whole new way of living and a passion for the life..” I understand this. Yes, this.

    And this, “To be awaken by God to be no where but here. And to love it.” I am learning and it has been a hard lesson to learn, but I am learning to embrace my “here”, not just resign to it. God delights in blessing us!


  3. There is a whole new way of living in the now, isn’t there? I often worried about the future instead of living in the now.

    1. It is so nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting and for leaving words, a gift. Oh, I lived for a very long time either in the yesterdays or the tomorrows. Still challenged by being intentional about living in the now. Hoping for you a lovely weekend and peace on your journey. wishing you His grace…..Elizabeth

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