Briefly…..An Update On Some ING’s


I am taking just a day or two off  to do a few ing’s. You know like praying, seeking, listening, reading, organizing, sorting, decorating, being, among others. I miss ya’ll already and I pray that the Lord will inspire me anew when I come back in a couple of days to WRITING.

Oh, and I am praying for my readers. You humble me and I give thanks for each one of you.

God Bless,


6 thoughts on “Briefly…..An Update On Some ING’s

  1. I love your pictures, I pray that God will give you words to share, that he will give you rest, that he will burn deep into your heart a new direction, and you will be in peace.

  2. May our sweet Lord bless you with a richness that defies your imagination. May you be restored, renewed and in that be reconnected with the One who gives you creativity and insight. Have fun!

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