Blogology and Those Darn Tired Turns of Phrase

What about a little backing up and regrouping.

I believe if I were you I’d want to know the why’s and the how-come’s behind the space. The one right here which often irks the grammar police, I feel certain. Because I was born in 1959 I was taught there are two spaces after a period and last week I learned there is only one. And that looked like a run on sentence to some.

What were you thinking? Sort of a blogology or blogging credo or mantra or something.

I love that you are here and it blesses my heart, literally not like the wonderful southern  cliche which I use far too often. But it truly does.

So if you are here and when you are here this is a bit of the “what was I thinking”.

I do love that you are here and that we can walk shoulder to shoulder through this life, or parts of it at least.  And I almost said “walk through this journey” together. Darn those cliches. It is that though truly so until I find a fresher more unique to me and my voice way to say it,  I’ll  just say journey.  And then I’ll ask you to extend a bit of grace for the lack of originality.

I do love this community of ya’ll. You know who you are. I don’t want to label you or define you or put you in a box or slap a term on you. Because if you are here, until you tell me why I guess I don’t know. Really. For certain. But I am grateful. And every time you speak through the comment box I can feel and smell and hear your presence. And I am thankful that my spam catcher catches some CRAZY stuff. I mean ya’ll should read it sometime. But I digress. You all teach me, encourage me, and inspire me.

Please know that when I am here and you are there, my deep longing of the soul is to type, say, write, and present that which is honest, real, true, and authentic . Thank you for allowing me to share pieces and parts of my story as I feel lead and at the leading of the Spirit.You are gracious and you seem to be great listeners.At least from my vantage point.

Thank you for remembering that each post is just a snapshot in time, a piece of a larger part. In order to see and hear more completely, well, you may need to follow and read more of the parts and pieces. That is to say, one post does not make the man. Okay, I am a woman which you undoubtedly know by now. And when I update my “About Me” on this blog, I will add that though cliches seem to annoy me, I seem to have more than a few popping up. Got to fix that.

Which leads me to telling you how I would like to offer you fresh posts. Unique perspectives. And a mix of how I see with what we all see as a community of Christ followers. In our shared humaneness we share so much, but as individuals it will always be mad crazy deeply unique to me.  I can truly only really write honestly and passionately from my insides. From my own knower that was formed from my heart, soul, mind and spirit. So what I write, probably should look like my story. That you read and that you come is still amazing. Simply beyond amazing. But don’t we all hunger for the creative. And don’t we long for Art. And don’t we seek excellence and not mediocre. Please know I try to bring it and to lean on and into Him.Thank you for grace when you see stale. And when you see less than. I offer my apologies, truly.

Sometimes simple is  strongest and the straightest way to real. I love to write. But man oh man do I love God. You all should hear some of the things he’s brought me through. So I want to point to Him and honor Him with my writing. If I don’t, you all can help. Keep me accountable. That would be lovely. And I thank Him  for the privilege of writing and the honor of your eyes being here.

And because I just wrote that last point, you know the one above, I need to heed my own advice and keep this simple. Therefore, I will stop. But I do reserve the right to write a Part 2 of this Blogology post. You’ve seen some posts have both a part one and part two. If you haven’t you can search the archives. There is at least one there. Or rather here.

Did you think because there were shrimp boats in the photograph I was going to make a reference to this blog being a voyage? Well I am not. But I am going to thank my friend Harriett for her wonderful photograph. And I do try to mark my own photography with “wynnegraceappears” in the corner. At least I have for several months. But today and other days, my dear dear friend Harriett has given her gift of photography freely and generously for its use on this blog. Thank you Harriett. You’ll see some more from her.She’s got talent. And she loves the Lord in a big way. I will ask her permission to tell some of her story. It will bless your socks off. (mixing metaphors is so much fun).

Thank you for viewing life through this lense of grace. And if you were counting the number of times I used truly… was probably more than once. And you can practice wild grace even now for that.

And if you thought I was going to thank you for your comments before you even left one, you were right.If you come back tomorrow I will probably start more than one sentence with And. Got Grace? (Is that a cliche yet?)

Linking with Heather and Jen. And I am grateful for their hospitality. Thank you ladies.

14 thoughts on “Blogology and Those Darn Tired Turns of Phrase

    1. I want to laugh a little more, things can get so serious in our worlds. Thank you for smiling along with me. Thank you for being a part of this community. Happily humbled by your presence.

  1. I think it was a few months ago: I happened to read a tweet from Mary DeMuth that alerted me to the one space after a period rule…Like you, I am still learning…blessings, Elizabeth 🙂

  2. “You are gracious and you seem to be great listeners.At least from my vantage point.” Funny stuff, Elizabeth! I am enjoying getting to know you here. Shoulder to shoulder with you, sister, all cliches and grammar faux pas included.

  3. I like you because you make me giggle and think all at the same time. Pet peeve? Two periods. Oh, and I love to start sentences with and. Yes, I do. I plan on dong blog month with Compassion too. How many posts are you thinking? Weekly or just sprinkled here and there?

    1. Oh my tell me of the two period faux pas. Have I done that? Do I even know about them:) Amy, you plus here equals JOY.I am so excited about Compassion in September. All fired up and hoping to make an impact, ever so small. Humbled to be a part of the blogging team for Compassion.

    1. So glad that you saw a real me cause a not real me….well that is scarey on so many levels.Love that you are here and my heart went racing out of my chest when I saw your sweet name. You should get in this little comment box more often. Its a beautiful place to hang out, friend. 🙂

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m so glad we connected through a link up. I’m moving your blog to my “Favorites” list 🙂
    And I start lots of sentences with “and”…
    And I’m getting better at not mixing metaphors…

    Hugs from the VA mountains,

    1. HEE HEEE. So glad we connected also. Will I see you tomorrow at FMF? I tried to like your fb page but couldn’t find it. And I followed you on twitter. Hugs back to you from the coast. And I graduated from an all women’s university in Virginia, Hollins.

      1. Hey! Sadly, I’m not at FMF. Fridays are my hectic day of the week, and I can’t give the link up the attention it deserves. Wish I could though!!

        I don’t have a fanpage on Facebook because I administrate a handful of others. But you’re the third person this week who’s told me that, so… Hmm, you’re welcome to send me a friend request!

        Hollins?? I live in Roanoke 🙂
        (and I’m a Hokie!)

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