When Writing Feels Like Breathing

I thought I wouldn’t write today.

But it felt like I was holding my breath.

And then my writer me wanted to pop my holding my breath me like I was a big balloon.

So I stuck the sharp pin in and let out all the air. It felt like there was something there that needed to be released. And it came gushing out, like the whoopie cushions we used in grammar school.

Like walking without seeing the all along the way, was moving through the day without breathing — that writing part of me.

The words became little oxygen holders, like place the mask on yourself before you help your children, or the passenger seated beside you. Like miniature oxygen tanks on wheels for the sick.

Like an asthmatic needs an inhaler the words became vital, life-giving.

Maybe when He lights the passion He doesn’t intend for you to hold your breath. Maybe if you were meant to encourage and give and serve and love, that if you stopped you might pop too. Or feel like you’d explode.

Maybe you get your breath back when you are obedient. The steady breathing resumes and the heart finds a peaceful rhythm when the artist gets on with making art or the servant gets back to serving. Or the doctor keeps on healing.

If doing the passion thing He gave gives life,then stopping may diminish it in some way.

Like the film went from color to black and white silent in a flash.

I thought I wouldn’t write today. I worry readers tire of the black marching words like ants at a picnic. They tread where they’re not wanted.

But then I recall the One for whom I write. And the one who called me to.

And I trust that He both steadies the hand and the heart. And the one lone traveller on the journey would stumble here if they were meant to come. And He could say you popped, you breathed, you are no longer blue from holding it in.

That the details rest with Him and the marching words bring back to Him a worship from an uncertain hand. The writer.

Who found that writing felt like breathing. And that not was not an option.

Just for today.

Until we cross back into tomorrow and He leads me back–to the page. And breathes words and thoughts and the what to write. To honor Him.

Or until He says, stop, wait, rest, no.

Joining Kris at Always Alleluia dot com

20 thoughts on “When Writing Feels Like Breathing

  1. And He has blessed you with a beautiful gift for words ๐Ÿ™‚
    So writing is like a love note saying “thank you” to the bestower!
    Glad to have found your lovely blog through the comments over at my place today.

    1. You make my heart soar with your words, friend. Thanks for being here. May I quote you on your comment. I love yours words, so writing is like a love note saying thank you to the bestower. Would you mind? Please come back. Are we friends on Facebook? and Twitter? Privileged to have you here.

  2. Writing is like breathing. Yes. Absolutely. And you have such a beautiful heart to share here. Thank you friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Elizabeth,

    Glad you breathed and shared ๐Ÿ™‚ your words here:”Maybe you get your breath back when you are obedient.” made me think of Oswald Chambers…was it today or yesterday…love that you love Him also…wishing you a weekend filled with His breathe of life ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m with Stefanie…and Dolly…and Kris…and Danelle… Why, I’m breathing easier just reading it.
    “Or until He says, stop, wait, rest, no…..” Amen. If I ever drop off the face of the blogging world, Elizabeth, you’ll know why.
    I pray I hear the whisper of Him telling me what to say….and telling me when not to speak….

    so blessed by you!

  5. “But then I recall the One for whom I write. And the one who called me to.

    And I trust that He both steadies the hand and the heart.”

    I will take these words with me. All of your words in this post help me understand a little better, now. My soul breathes relief and it’s a good thing. No matter what the devil screams in my ear — this writing is a God thing.

    I needed this today…

    1. I thank God for my writing friends. You are a precious treasure in my life. Breath deep. Saw your beautiful face and your beautiful daughter’s face and heard your beautiful voice on the Everything book trailer. Amazing, touching, and tender. You bless.

    1. Amber, it is a Joy to meet you. So glad you came here. Kris is a treasure. I am glad that something resonated in this piece. I want to come visit you too. Hope to see you more in this writing community. Enjoy your Sabbath.

  6. Your loving words fill these pages, and I am blessed to be here. You have created such a safe place. I relate to so much of what you say and especially resonated with the fears of reader fatigue. Thank you for reminding me again — I need to remind myself everyday — that I write for the glory of God. That words are my breath in concert with him. Bless you today.

    1. I am playing a a bit of catch up as I long to answer each comment. Thank you friend. I will hold tight to your words. I am overjoyed that you find it safe over here. What kindness.
      Yes, writing for the glory of God….yes. Grateful that He gives words and encouragement and inspiration.

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