Bliss, Whimsy, and Wonder(Autumn Is A Lady)

When Autumn rolls around in the deep South
Sometimes you get to crack a window.
Sometimes you get to raise it high
At night in the fall, every now and
Every once in a blue moon, you cut off the air
And breathe in the fresh,
At night
In the South sometimes.
And if you do
And when you do
You enter a Lewis Carroll world of wonder
And whimsy resides in the night and in the dawn.
In the South after summer when the fall rolls around
Like a big sweaty mess she arrives.
But sometimes she sits still
Long enough to cool off and breathe deep
A touch of crisp
Fall air
Blowing in the window raised high
Or even two up to catch the wonder, catch the breeze
Hear the whimsy in the morning
Like Alice.
Wipes the dew off her brow, we don’t sweat, we Southern women
And Autumn is a lady.
Fanning herself in the cool of the evening, sipping tea
And blowing her fresh air through the curtains,
Billowing, white cotton- grandmother’s.
There is a feathered one there at dark early, dark thirty.
He sounds like a feathered stand up, doing his best to sound
Like a bird.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
Truth is its a bird chirping out bird morse code
In the dark, in the wonder, in the whimsy.
Truth is he sounds more like a psalmist
Announcing the new mercy of the morning
In the cool, in the dark, in the deep South.
Truth is he invites by proclamation.
Come wander in wonder and wade in whimsy
And see what new awaits
In the cool in the fall in the South.
He made, He invites, He extends
A walk into new, a journey
with Him
On the trail of the psalmist bird, dropped
Like breadcrumbs, wooing us
To the wonder of it all.
When Autumn rolls around in the deep
In the South
At His command.
And the small feathered ones
Seem to always know first,
As they call us out
Of the sleepy
And wake us up to wonder.

11 thoughts on “Bliss, Whimsy, and Wonder(Autumn Is A Lady)

  1. Beautifully written. Truly. I like the image… Autumn is a lady… Could see all you wrote.

    I have a question on a different topic… I’m signed up to get your email post announcements, and love the way yours links your reader right over to your blog. i have wordpress too, but mine sends the entire post and often doesn’t look the same as the blog. Is there a way I can set mine up to only give them a few sentences and link to the blog like yours? I can’t seem to find out about how to change that. Feel free to answer me at if you prefer, or at my blog Thanks!

    1. Thanks it is a setting. Go to your dashboard and….i think its appearance for followers. I can’t check while I am typing but I will send you a long email on how to do it. Its easy peasy if you can find the place on the dashboard. Kinda of scroll around the appearance area and check for set-ups. Let me know if that helps and if not Ill send you a step by step in an email. Appreciate you and your kindness. So glad you are following. love, elizabeth

      1. Thanks… I did find settings and went through them all but i am not seeing it. The only thing I saw would change the actual appearance on my blog so it shows summaries (I think) – the way Shelly at Redemptions Beauty has hers. But I don’t want to do that on the blog, just on the email announcements. If you wouldn’t mind an email step by step, that would be a help. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Oh my Shelly, how gracious. And fall has been tippie toeing around down here in a beautiful way. What a fine compliment. I am digging into to a longish season of poetry. Humbled to have your eyes on my poetry voice, as unconventional as it is.

  2. Beautiful, Elizabeth. It’s a beautiful Virginia autumn here, complete with foliage and my favorite “fall” thing — apple cider! You know there’s nothing better than fresh VA apples 🙂

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