Savoring – Day 2

We are walking through words, with words, and around words for 31 Days, over at The Nester. You will find a wonderful community there and I will be right here with you for my first 31 Days Series entitled Wonderful Words. Did you miss the introduction, it’s here. Or Day 1, it’s here. Yesterday was  ordinary.

Today is Day 2 and we are Savoring.  Will you come savor with me? It would be grand.


Lingering, the senses, suspending them in air.

Stretching moments like silly putty out and up and past what was possible.

Staying long in a moment, capturing it holding it, like mason jar lightening bug mini prisoners. The beauty is winged and apt to fly, unless the glass walls hold it captive, a lid on life, a lid on lovely. Or memory grabs hold.


Swaying hammock style back and forth in a place, shifting gears  into slow a Southern one. Defined by a pace that slows for breathing in  memory. Restoring a soul by
resting long in laughter, resting long in love, resting long in now.


Sucking hard candy slow and gentle, sun setting slow in a tease of the theatrical, suspending as if it will never go down. Slapping orange and pink sloppy exquisite on blue sky canvas. Sky poetry. Seeing  every detail. Marking  micro-moments in memory. Mind’s camera shutter clicks and stores, clicks and files, clicks and captures. Clicks and saves, savors.


Walking the fingers up and down in a brush of tender on child’s back. Whispering prayers over life. Breathing in Jesus, breathing out worry, doubt, fear. Lingering in love.
Wrapping a heart in words of encouragement, lingering in momma love where the heart beats slow. Resting in childhood memories, freezing in bags zipped tight, locking the pieces of childhood in love sacks. Locking it up, seal tight with hope, seal tight with joy.


Keys on the ivories, boy fingers play notes of sweet music in a blink, in a wink, in a nod they’re off. Bend in and listen. Bend in and hear. Really, the music fades. The fingers stop playing and the aisle of love is in sight,  a life of new  love is near. Still the heart and savor all the favorites,

Roof rain on tin, cut green blades, love notes on white napkins, boy wide toothy smiles, glasses on eyes on a  books in the late night, dog’s tail wag, stargazer scents and star-gazzing skies and the multitudes of sweet and bitter sweet taste, see that He is good. Place a comma, place a pause, freeze the frame and take your time,

Take small steps, take long breathes, take it slow. The every drop, the every crumb, down to the last words of the last page of the last page turned.




And savor.

Joing my words with theirs: Eileen, Heather, and Jen

11 thoughts on “Savoring – Day 2

  1. One of my favorite words of all time…and a beautiful write to boot.

    One of my favorite quotes from Ann’s Book “One Thousand Gifts” is “Savor long whatever time holds”. I wrote it on the front of my journal and make it my daily choice to do just that…and love how grace is captured when we slow our shutter down to see it…

    You warm my heart, friend. Thank you!

  2. Like a slow, sumptuous meal…taking in these words one at a time, allowing them to fill and find their place in me, sitting with them, talking with them, appreciating the nuance of flavor and texture. I love your words, friend.

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