Encouragement – A Letter To A Friend

Today is Day 22. Today’s word is Encouragement. To read the collective sashay sway  shimmy  swish and swirl over here. To read others in the Series go here, to The Nester’s place.

Dear Encouraging You,

Today is your Birsday. Can I tell Webster that he has a new word for his book?

Have I told you lately that I love you. I bet I have. But I am telling you again. Beautiful you are Day 22. You are laughing that you have a day in my series.

Because you are the reason there was ever a Day One, in this writing life. And you would say it was God and I would too, but you helped Him. And we would both say He doesn’t need my help.

But you were an encourager. And you have been. The accountability partner I lean into. What richness my life has with your flesh and bones, hands and feet, lungs and laughter, heart and soul, and words and words and more words, and love rooted in my own.

You have given birth to hope and held a sister’s hand right smack in the middle of the yuck. Sweet you have had a word, a prayer, a dream and a strong arm of encouragement to grasp hold of a sinking drowning spirit.

The day I said I was done with writing. Or was it writing was done with me. Or was it I give up or was it I am through with this. You may be my memory here, but I know your words were brave and strong.

And you spoke into burying and putting under rocks things the Lord gifts.

Friends don’t let friends give up.

Encouragent reaches the long limb of grace into a life and drags it back like a mother cat moving her kittens into safety, out of a ditch.

You have shown that encouragement knows in her knower, deep in her inside places, when to speak and when to listen and when to love.

Tough and tender co-exist in the life of an encourager, the life of the precious you.

And when desperation despair dysfunction depression, an army of d’s show up, we put on the armour and together we battle, and together we stand, and together we fight.

For our lives, our children, our husbands, our families, our God. And His glory.

And there is always the beautiful. There is your lense, your eye behind the camera sharing the beautiful, calling it out, like a Southern Debutante at her coming out. Here she is, Beauty, give her her Day, present her for all to see.

When we swim upstream in a river of tears, like salmon seeking a place to spawn or float our boats down the outgoing tide of tears of joy, you encourage.

We’ve known death and life and you’ve said “though He slay me” more than once.

We’ve know some prodigal stories lived out and built trust and hope as tall as the Empire State building. We’ve cried to the Heavens and screamed to them too.

We’ve pounded the pavements and pounded our fists. And we have celebrated, because that heart of yours links up with mine and we say we have today, we have today, we have today.

There has been building homes, and nests. Designing and decorating .Hanging art and hanging out, journeying far and near. We have Glamped,we have Aqua-glamped and we  have stood against the Great Recession, sticking out our tongues, saying nay nay nay you can’t get me.

There have been literal Hurricanes and the other kind too. We have stood.

But never alone. Always with Him, three strands of a cord. Encouragement weaves that way.

And courage sits firmly in the middle and holds her ground.

Happy 60th bursday, H.  Thank you for inspiring and encouraging this sister. For walking out, talking out, and praying out this wonderful glorious life we have this side of heaven.

If you go first I will never forgive you. But if you do save a place for me. And yes I know it doesn’t work like that.

We have a lot of rocking left to do on the porch. A lot of sorting out and figuring out.

My heart needs more encouragement from you.

Thank you for showing the world how to live a life as an encourager.

Happy Birthday sweet friend. Your life is a work of art.

And thank you for encouraging me to pick up the pen and always live the highest and best, with joy and a spirit of celebration.

There are no words. And that may be the first time.(You know I know your thoughts).

Beginning your 61st year with laughter and love,


Counting Gifts because of Ann –of hope for a child, joy in family, praise in worship and worship in praise yesterday in church, time with family, conversations with a child restoring possibilities, expectant hearts for a birthday celebration, new writing friends friendships strengthened, new encouragers in my life, hearing my daughter’s praise music on her radio instead of the other station, watching her worship our Lord in church, hearing my son sing soft and low during worship yesterday, cold air, tough love, smiling face of my sweet friend Monica, a visit from the young man and his girl who has already flown the coop (tomorrow can’t come soon enough), their future and God’s plan, the flowers from The Patient One which still warm my spirit with their autumnal colors, life.

Joining Ann, Michelle, Laura, and L.L. Barkat

Thank you for traveling with me through this series. To subscribe click hereand we will keep journeying together.

20 thoughts on “Encouragement – A Letter To A Friend

  1. Good morning. Man am I glad you were my neighbor at the Wellspring. I loved your words, they sent me chasing after my own memories of sincere friendship, They blessed me, and for that I am deeply grateful.
    Peace and good to you along your writer’s journey.
    I am a new follower.

    1. Oh Chelle, what a treasure your words are. I love being at Laura’s place. Playdates at The Wellspring are one of my faves. Thank you for following. Wow. What a Monday gift. I will look forward to words here in this community. Yes, sincere genuine friendships are to be honored and cared for. Love having someone to lean into and on. We have been through much pain. But boatloads of joy too. Its a pleasure to meet you Chelle.

  2. Oh this kind of friendship is to be treasured and honored…it sounds like you do for sure. Funny…my daughter hijacked my blog today and did a similar sweet thing for my Bday. OH…I left you a FB message…it looks like we have a common friend…oh this crazy blog world:)

    1. I realized while I wrote how valuable and downright necessary deep abiding friendships are. When you trust someone to be there, what a beautiful part of living this is. I know we have all been hurt by women and friends. It may be what makes this special. Always agreeing to disagree and extending grace. Hopefully we will continue to journey in friendship for a long time. This writing community is a friendship community to me too. And I am grateful.

    1. :} Well gracious thanks. Can’t wait to follow the birth of your book. Thanks for jumping over this way today. Look forward to following your blog. Levis rolled up, still smiling. We are sometimes a jeans to church folk too.

  3. This is so dear, Elizabeth. What a special treasure of friendship. It sounds like you have a dear soul sister much like yourself -one able to be fully present and give the gift of her encouragement, hope and love. Such sweet words today and a wonderful tribute to your friend.
    By the way, didn’t want to post on Amber’s blog in answer to your comment/question (thank you so much for that!), but yes, today’s concrete was The Chain. Amber had forgotten to post that last week. (She tweeted a bit about it.) But we know now next week’s – The Horse. Hmmm….I bet yours will be great!

    1. Ah, thank you. You humble me. It is a joy to give tribute to one who has given me so much. Found it hard to stop pecking away at the keys. Wanted to keep going on forever. My poor readers. 😦

    1. Thank you. Your piece at Ambers delighted. I can’t seem to get enough of your words these days. Keep them coming, these words that float down your rapids, your rivers of life. They are life-giving.

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