Poetry Calls

(photo courtesy of wikipaintings.org)

She twists, she turns, she tumbles and falls.

Like green Gumby rubber-man/ child wide-eyed in wornout toy box,

Nimble, pliable woman,

Is she.

When the wind blows, the cradle may fall,

But mother catches baby, husband, parents,

And all the rest.

In the middle of raising parents or is it raising kids,

She yearns to sit at the feet of the master acrobat,

Learn the art of dexterity,

Living nimble, bending, twisting, turning

Corners of her life, with skill and ease,

Stretching limbs to meet the needs

This world of hers throws at

Her, life, a whirlwind, whirling dervish, world.

She, Mary Martha ambidextrous hybrid, serving and loving

Longing to learn the art of balance.

To live and love and serve in the right measure of, mix of

Both. The proportions just perfect.

Art, not science.

Caring for self, she bends back into the page and writes

A love song to the world, her passion bleeding on the page.

And hears a cry, piercing knife-like in  the night

To walk outside, plates and balls all tossed up in the air.

She longs to fold back on the white noise page and write,

Right where she lives.

Folding laudry, folding bedsheets, folding words.

They mix and mingle, they tug like moon at tides.

The words call,

Come play with us today.

The tempting taunting call of passion on the page,

To write.

The tension tears.

Joy comes gently in the sweet release

Of words.

She bends her ear to hear, what’s right.

And leans her head, blood rushing to the brain.

To write the words, her playful playmates posturing for a position

In her life. Right beside mother, sister, wife and other.

To write the balance out, the story,

That is her life.

Words winning, winding their way down the rows.

Poetry calls come play.

Joining Emily & Jennifer.

And at Thought Provoking Thursdays.

And I’m joining the folks at Tweakspeak Poetry for this month’s word prompt, Surreal. This is my offering on the prompt. (More to come, this is “fun”, sort of). #TSSurreal on Twitter.

36 thoughts on “Poetry Calls

  1. It is such a balancing act–to be a wife, mother, writer … Thanks for giving voice to this struggle and victory.

  2. Surreal is right! What an amazing picture – it resonates with your meaning perfectly. It’s hard wanting to do everything and recognising we can’t, isn’t it?!

    1. Kati, so privileged to have you visiting over here. Love that we are crossing paths and doing this writing thing in community together. Looking for that balance, even today. Love and rich blessings to you, friend.

    1. Lyla, cherishing the face that you were here. I so cherish too, the folks at Tweetspeak. So very glad also that I have found others to play poetry with. Now to get down too to the hard work of refining, finetuning, and improving the craft.

  3. I so get this, Elizabeth. This desire to write it all down, to capture every moment while caught in the tension of needing to actually live it all out, as well. And you nail it when you say that writing is a way of self care for yourself. Yes, me too…..
    We are so alike, you and I.

  4. This was such a delightful read…the tension between words, laundry, and love….you captured it well..Thank you, Elizabeth 🙂 I agree that writing is a way of self care…it took me a while to recognize that and to honor that…blessings 😉

    1. Dolly, honoring writing and striving to weave it into our lives, with balance–right there with you, friend. Yes this tension between words, laundry and love. I love that I am not alone.

  5. …He linkg-up neighbor today….”She, Mary Martha ambidexterous hybrid, serving and loving”…yes…I actually have a half written journal/blog about this very tension…wow…how you can do this poetry thing:) wonderful post and I love how the picture and words reflect each other so well.

    1. Brenna, so cherish your words. You are quite an encourager and I am honored to have you here. This writing in commmunity is a precious jewel in my life. And my life is enriched by the relationships with other writers. Thanks for coming for a visit.

    1. Alecia, it is so nice to meet you, new friend. Honored you came here. There are lots of places to go in this bloggy world. Hope to continue seeing you over at em’s place. Your encouragement is a gift.

  6. “the tempting taunting call of passion on the page”, yes! I get this, we speak the same heart language.

    1. Diane, I love speaking a heart language that we share. This community of writers never ceases to amaze me with its encouragement and love. Love writing in community with you, sweet one.

  7. Elizabeth, I too am struggling as a Mary Martha ambidextrous hybrid. I too am trying to live it and write it, take action and live in a place of fluid response. You put voice to the experience so many of us writer mamas know well. Love your poetry and the gratitude breathed through it.

    1. Ashley, sigh. When I speak you listen. And when I write you hear me. There is such comfort in a kindred spirit reading and hearing our words as writers. Thank you friend for walking this writing journey out with me. Grateful for you.

  8. yes. this twist and turn to capture both the living and the remembering. the mama and the woman. the heart and the soul. you describe us creative mama’s so well here. the picture bleeding into and out of your words.

    1. Yes, yes, it is just that. The words pile up in my heart. That sounds like a title for a post…when the words pile up. Its true though there is a release in the processing life through writing. Thank you for understanding, always.

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