Ask A Poet Why and He May Say

Why do you tell the world just so,
Why do you speak unplain?
What is the push and pull within
That wraps the word along
In patterns, rythme and weaving, or a  threading?
If you can write in paragraph and line and write as plain as day
As others speak.
Why do you say these things just so, that beg some time
To sit and think,
And pull apart like child at play.
Like dough in hand, forms and shapes,
Flexing and extending.
To see
Just see what shapes and forms, what beauty
Will come from void?

Why do you tell the world just so?
Why do you speak unplain?
What is there in subtle hiding or buried hidden thought?
Why tuck inspiration or creation in words
That speak like puzzle piece?
Why does a child sit on the floor, hours spent
With block in hand or lego piles, to see what he can make
From void, from nothing, make something beautiful, wild or wooly
When on the shelf sit hundreds of toys to grab in seconds flat.

Why do you tell the world just so?
Why do you speak unplain?
Why do fields hold wonders and whimsy and skies and seas
Do too.
A lifetime is spent in discovering these
That lay in the world He made.
What joy in telling of all He does and makes and gives, in
The world and in a life, as seen by eyes inside a heart.
Can we see the mystery in the hidden hummingbird nest
So small, so buried in the limb
Or see the cross which cotton bears when burst open right at  harvest time?
I knew not
They were there.

Until I look still, closer, still
And listen with my heart
For small and subtle, nearly lost in a frenzied,
Shouting, clamoring,high octane world.
When some are screaming, writing tomes
Is there a place for poet’s voice, a home?
It takes a moment longer, you linger or
You’ll leave, impatient with the telling.
Many say, say what you mean and say it fast
And some say simply short is sweet.
But the poet winds and rambles leaving crumbs to gather
On a page.Saying rest awhile and seek the deep.
A world is rushing by, but you
May slow your pace and rest your eyes with me
Let’s talk of life upon these lines.

And seek the hidden things.
Let’s look together at this life, find beauty
And amazing, the wondrous and the plain, lying in the shadows.
The world made mysterious by His hand, the smallest  subtle intrigue
Try to understand the intricate, He’s artist Creative God.
He’s buried complex things, they’re hidden in the deep.
Let’s hold our breath and hold up time  to find, to truly see.
Come explore with patient eyes.
The deep, the hidden marvels in the space
That lies between you and me, us and them.
And hold on traveller, pilgrim friend
Just ask the poet why and he may say
There is simple beauty in the hidden things.

Joining Emily, Duane, Jennifer.

17 thoughts on “Ask A Poet Why and He May Say

  1. Holy wonder, friend! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! There are so many people that say things so well and I spend way too much time pining for their voice. But you have called me out, friend. This “speaking out unplain” is really an invitation to slow, to point in directions holy, to really see and behold. I am so thankful for you and the way you take me by the heart and walk slow and unplain. Come, let’s leave crumbs together and together, we will walk each other home.

    1. Holly, this is a poem. This, just the over flow of your sweet heart. Thinking of you, about you and praying too. Walking it out and finding just the right words, though it seems to be an endless journey of discovery. I have a lifetime, what about you?

  2. Our God is a poet, hiding beauty in things plainly seen, an artist painting vivid pictures for our minds to unravel. He gives the gift of words and for you, especially, they are beautiful. Thank you. DAF

    1. Thank you DAF. sigh. I am humbled. He is a wondrous example, a Holy Creator and He leads us into amazing discovery of both His love and his creation. Eyes wide open to behold all He has for us.

  3. I absolutely love this. My favorite thing of yours I have ever read. Though it will find many readers here, I hope you’ll also submit it for publication elsewhere.

  4. OH wow!!! entering this blog world has opened me to so many new experiences…you my friend…are drawing me into poetry…to be honest…I have never had a love affair with poetry…but you…just might be awakening a dormant love. just beautiful~

  5. You do have a gift in the poetic, dear friend. I love this place to breathe deep, take a little extra time. In the saying of things less plain, we slow and hold and see in a new way — a way that uncovers lost treasure. In a way that proclaims the small and often unnoticed. I love this part:
    “He’s buried complex things, they’re hidden in the deep.
    Let’s hold our breath and hold up time to find, to truly see.
    Come explore with patient eyes.
    The deep, the hidden marvels in the space”
    Thank you for being so faithful to write the slow, unplain.

    1. Ashley, its a privilege to write in community. A joy and an honor, I cherish your feedback everytime. Your insight and your comments mean the world to me. Have I told you lately how much it means to have you reading and commenting here. Thanks. Can’t wait for more writing between us.

  6. Here is what absolutely shocks me. . how is it that you write such beauty daily? You are like a portal from heaven. I understand all of this Elizabeth. I do not consider myself a poet, but I believe deeply in the digging deep into words, piecing them together as art. You do this so very well. You must keep writing. Always friend. Love you.

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