May I Simply ,This Thanksgiving

In the days, these days, trembling like a mother ripe with life

May I simply

Seek to love with words, eyes,  mouth, my spirit whole and filled

And may I only

Focus on the beating pulsing heart of all that really matters

And may I, please, only

Give extravagantly and always more than I take, haughty fleshy self-filled soul I am

And may I, please, quite simply

Experience every moment to the marrow, bone and muscle, to the gifted core

These moments on this side of heaven, never needing wanting more.

And  may I simply this Thanksgiving seek beyond the narrow path

Gaze out wide and far,

Unfurling generosity of spirit to the  otherwise invisible place

Seen not by me

But shown by Him.

And in so doing, drip extravagant gifts

Plumped with one million granuels of grace,

Thanking always the Giver

With the movements of my life.

Joining Jen today at Finding Heaven Today dot com

8 thoughts on “May I Simply ,This Thanksgiving

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah. Hope it is filled with all your favorite things. I miss the bridge people 😦 Any chance they will be in the offering in December? Thanking Him for you. wishing you a fabulous Thanksgiving, ewm

      1. You have a wonderful day of thanks too.
        We will be alone, I think.
        It is ok. Hubby doesn’t feel well and it only means we get a house full at Christmas time.

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