Adagio: A Poetry Project

Writing is, most often, a solo venture, a process worked deep inside the confines of one’s heart and soul. But when two pilgrim poets turn towards each other and embrace the tension that lies between, something new emerges.  A writing “pas de deux” is born and the two begin weaving their words together, in and around, over and under, into something bigger than themselves. The writing becomes a lifting, a balancing, a turning…and the words on the page become an Adagio.
Learn more of the birth of the Adagio project at Holly’s writing home.


It is in this spirit that we have threaded together pieces of our souls as our offering to the world of poetry and to fellow poet friends. Most especially, though, we offer it as a gift, and lay it right at the feet of our Creative God who is  the Giver of this love of writing and purposeful word weaving.  Today we sing this song and tell some of our story…..elizabeth and holly.

Writing Across The Distance

Her words they twist and swirl creamy smooth

One into another and I drink them in deep and long

She dips her pen into the well of ink

That is her very crimson rushing pulsing life.

And brings up words to stamp white page.

She is like the smiths of old, holding passion fire hot and glowing

And working the ember into ghostly shapes

That cool only when set aside

Full of vibrant living breathing voice,  poetic prose

For all to know her very soul

She lives into days fringed with salt-crusted breezes

And her words they ripen and swell

And drip heavy the fruit of quiet days made full with patience and wonder

She dips her pen into places wet with tears of joy and sorrow mingled down

Always honest, her voice knows only raw and real

She a pilgrim soul on a journey long and winding

Open and bare her heart rests upon the feast table

She is waiting quiet and still

While the shaping takes place

She is still and she knows.

No room for mask or veil or artificial

Her art, like incense to her God.

And she’ll dip her pen in nature’s oil

And mingle earth with bone and flesh to make a  mix of all the world

Not leaving places unexplored, she will blend the wild and tame alike

And make a holy sacrifice and offering of her very  self

A calm and tranquil melody

Poetic heartfelt words.

Two pilgrims on a journey.


Will you join us as we move in faith on this new poetry journey? And perhaps you might consider partnering with another writer to come along side us in this endeavor?  We covet your presence in this space.

Holly may be found writing often at her home, A Lifetime of Days. My writing home is here, wynnegraceappears, Elizabeth W. Marshall. We are writing across the distance as our homes are hundreds upon hundreds of miles apart.

Joining Jennifer, Eilleen, Emily and Duane

6 thoughts on “Adagio: A Poetry Project

  1. I’m so excited to read this offering. I know how much each of your blogs means to me, and how dear you are to each other. What a fabulous idea!
    just a note: the link at the end of this post to Holly’s page links to a random person’s blog. Just thought i’d let you know. Excited to see what you dear ladies do with this gift you’ve been given.

    1. Janel, thank you for your encouraging words. And for the heads up on the error in the link. I am grateful. So grateful for your enthusiasm and interest in this poetry offering. Looking forward to what’s to come. Thanks for dropping crumbs of Joy over here.

  2. So, did the two of you write this poem together? It is so lovely. I’m intrigued by your writing project, and so encouraged by your love, friendship and shared interest in beautiful writing.

    1. Yes, we wove the lines together. It was a joy-filled project. Thank you for your interest in the creative process and your encouragement. We would love to have you join us as we move forward. Looking, watching and listening to see where and how the Lord leads us.

  3. How lovely. What an expression of your friendship, love and trust. It is a sacred thing to share your writing with another and to share the ACTUAL writing with another — so rare and a glorious idea. Bless you both in this wonderful endeavor.

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