When The Camellia Bloom


Brave, they seem
Beauty in the cold
Bold, they bloom
Bringers of hope
Bouquets of art in ash

Brave, they are
Bracing their blooms in the arctic winds
Braving the elements
Bringing merciful glory to a garden
Bunched or singular
Buglers of tomorrow’s new
Bastions of grace amid green foliage
All will be well with my soul,

When the camellia bloom.

Joining Laura at The Wellspring for her Playdates. One of my favorite places.

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10 thoughts on “When The Camellia Bloom

  1. Beautiful words and photo, Elizabeth. Thanks so much for sharing!

    And by the way, your link at playdates isn’t working correctly. Thought you’d want to know. 🙂

    1. Thanks I know and I need help from Laura to delete. Thanks for sharing the news with me. You are kind to have pressed onward so you could in fact get to the post and kinder still to have commented. Thanks for your heart which encourages mine on. So grateful for you Beth.

  2. I love these buglers of hope. We have two bushes that bloom white in front of our porch. They are such tender reminders to me of the beauty that is coming and comes even when we forget to hope for it. May it be well with your soul, friend.

    1. Oh Ashley, thanks for always getting my heart. Everytime. You so hear me when I write. And I am so grateful for that. You seem to have ears to hear me in the deep places when I speak. What a gift straight to my heart.

  3. Oh, Elizabeth. What a breath of beauty. That photo alone…I must share. And I’m going to try to fix your link. I don’t know why, but neither one is working! Checking on it…

    1. Thank you Sylvia. I am holding tight to your gentle words. They are grace on my soul today. And your update on the link… more grace. Bless your Wednesday and all the Lord has for you this day.

    2. Thank you Sylvia. Bless your kind words of grace. I am holding on to them today. They soothe. And thank you too for your kind update on the link. More grace. Bless your Wednesday and all the Lord has for you this day.

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