Getting On The Bus


The phrase stepping off the curb. These cliches are wearing me out. This one I have heard hundreds of times. I have grown weary of the phrase. And yet, there is a thread there that I am pulling at, yanking at for understanding.

It requires an act of the will and movement of some kind. Sometimes I’d rather not. Because I risk getting run over or fatigued or stuck in the middle of the lane unable to cross over or I might change my mind and there is no turning back or the curb may cry the siren’s song for me to please come back to her.

The curb is rounded and safe and protective. Yes, the curb calls out comfort like a womb.

There are strange things to find comfort in as humans. Sometimes it’s routine, the familiar and quiet. Sometimes it’s being surrounded by a false sense of safety and controlled variables.

And then came the buses. For me they were and are some sort of metaphor on wheels. They are rolling worlds on wheels where I am not in control. The bus is moving whether I like it or not.


I got on a bus last year and rode with a group and my daughter a thousand miles or so. You can read about it here and here. It was part of the Art Bus Project. When I got off the bus I cried. The experience branded me, marked me and changed me.

When has the act of stepping off ever left us unchanged. When has walking into uncertainty left us untouched by experience. When has deciding to trust not at least held the potential for an increase in faith.

My accountability partner is going to Haiti in a few days. I thought I was going too. My heart was prepared last fall. But I am not on this team, not on this trip, no flying into the Caribbean blue for mission work.

I am going to Disney World. There is a part of me that says is this a good time to get all four of my wisdom teeth extracted because that would be less challenging.

My achilles heel, my vulnerable place, is a sleep-deprived me. I am vulnerable when I am exhausted, worn out, tired, and foggy headed. So I try to live in a place where I am armored up. I strap on the heavy metal of clear-thinking and rest.

And I seem to think that I can tackle the world guns ablazing when I have had the sleep I need. But what if in my weakness He is made strong. What if when I am most vulnerable He has room to move and shake me from my slumber.

What if when I am wounded broken sleepy lamb He is Shepherd with a strong crook to steer me and guide me.

So I signed up for Dare To Do Disney In A Day with my growing up kids’ youth group. We will board a bus at 10:30 at night, drive all night, arrive at The Magic Kingdom (why do they have to call it that) when it opens, and leave when it closes and drive back all night and arrive at home on Sunday morning. Ok. It makes me tired just to say it and write it.

I am not going on a mission trip to a third world country. So I cannot ask you to pray for me. I would much rather you pray for my friends from church who are going to Haiti. But wait. I can. I will be chaperoning a group of middle school girls. Yes, yes, please pray that God uses this time and blesses it for good.

I have a friend who is deathly afraid of clowns. I wonder if buses are my clowns. I wonder if I will run from all future conversations which involve getting on a bus.

Or will I run, flying off the curb and into the arms of the big bus, waiting to take me off to a place of discovery, adventure and pure joy.

I am trusting the driver. And releasing the white-knuckled grip. At least for a day at The Magic Kingdom. (Why do they have to call it that?)


Please pray for safe travels up and down that road on a bus. Eighteen hours of driving.

And that there would be Joy. And laughter. And that they teach me, these children and that I hear it and get it. And that I would have something for them too. That we would use every minute to learn and love and live fully.

We have to laugh a little about the differences in our travels, H and I, my confidant and accountability partner. My prayer partner and keeper of all my secrets. She will be going up a rocky road to La Gonave, Haiti and I will be on a Charter Bus to sunny Orlando to spend a marathon day at Disney.


Funny thing about God is He will be in both places. Touching children, touching lives. And changing a 53 year old women who likes to stay home. And building memories for a mother and a daughter. I won’t be assigned to my daughter’s age group for the day. And wisely she said, “Mom, you will love being with those middle school girls.”

I seem to learn most of my most important lessons in life from children. I am going into the classroom on Friday night at 10:30, a big rolling classroom of kids. And yes I am packing ear plugs for use maybe on hour eight of the drive.

And maybe in some small way, I am being refined and changed for my “one day” trip to Haiti.  Or maybe like Abraham, the Lord just asks me to be willing to serve there. Maybe He needs me to ride a bus down I-95 instead. And be with my daughter and her youth group friends.

And hang out at the other Kingdom.

10 thoughts on “Getting On The Bus

  1. “…walking into uncertainty…”yes, with much call for prayer. You will serve and minister to those girls – not with the same needs as Haiti – but with needs of their own. And you, with a heart for Kingdom Service (loved your play with words).
    I heard a quote once from Harrison Ford. Something about people get off the bus too soon. The key to success is staying on the bus for the whole journey. Probably not words you want to hear…

    1. Ah yes the needs are different but there are needs in the hearts and lives of both. I love your Harrison Ford quote. I am staying on the bus, I don’t want to get left in Orlando.:) And I hope to be made braver and more willing to go where ever He leads. Thanks for reading and encouraging and hearing me. I am happy that you do all three.:)

  2. You, my friend, are serving Him today and tomorrow and especially Friday .Be expectant and be hopeful.I think you will see “murkles” as you wear the servant’s coat.Y
    ou are very brave…. I have spent more of my life fearing middle school girls than I have malaria. Praying His best for you and that blue water trips with Him and us is in our future.

    1. Yes, expectant ever expectant and looking out for the murkles in the ordinary. Thank you friend, “bon chance” though as we know this does not mean good luck. May it go well for you, and may you be brave and well in your journey.

  3. My friend, I will be praying for you! Work with middle school girls is sacred work. And you are so right — God is with you and your friend. In Haiti and Disney World, among the poor in wealth and poor in spirit. I know he is equipping you, using you where he’s called you right now.
    I, too, am learning much about strength in weakness (aren’t I always?), risk taking and that stepping off the curb looking different than what I might imagine. This particular line really struck me: “When has walking into uncertainty left us untouched by experience. When has deciding to trust not at least held the potential for an increase in faith.” Amen, sister. Here’s to growing faith!
    Bless you, my friend!

  4. I have a dear friend in La Gonave, Haiti. She is on a mission trip and also seeing her daughter they are in the process of adopting. I think your trip sounds wonderful! I am a Disney fan and I love going to the Magic Kingdom, I think it is just a very tiny precursor to what fun our Heavenly kingdom is going to be. Those girls can be so much fun bringing laughter and joy, and frustration, but so worth it. Have a great time. I am certain that you will see the glory of God and the fun that only He can give while you are on the bus and at Disney World. If you can, and it’s doable, check out lunch at the castle, very nice. DAF

  5. I love this….a cup of cold water in His name…And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” Blessings as you journey with Him…where ever He leads

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