Love, Lent, And Letters From The Village (Day One)

After an unplanned sabbatical from writing, I am beginning  anew today  with a series dovetailing the Lenten season. I hope you will walk with me through these days leading up to Easter as I write in the form of letters. Both poetry and prose. But each day a letter expressing prayers, deep searching, mediations of the heart, wonderings, wanderings and an exploration of grace. Grace in the everyday. 


I have become increasingly drawn to the beauty of the art of letter writing. Its intimacy, its romantic vehicle for reaching the soul of another calls me to seek and know more.  The beauty found in writing tender thoughts from one to another intrigues me. And so I want to explore the art form here in a series entitled “Letters From The Village.”  Happily, I am spending some time in a small shrimping village. This is a place I have known and loved for a long season of my life. Hidden here are memories of marriage, raising three children and celebration upon celebration with friends. Tucked away. Folded in. Wrapped in the salty soil of this place. And so there is deep meaning and significance in beginning these letters to you from “the village.”  That you will open and read, break the wax seal on each is gift. The first is penned on Valentines Day and  is being written from the heart of this place. 

It is my hope and prayer that the art of grace will set the tone as we walk through the holy days of Lent, preparing for Easter and the sacred days waiting for celebration in Holy Week.

There is a thinness, sparseness woven in these days. A dignified seriousness to the pulse and cadence of these moments. The beat is sacred. The breathing measured. Breathe deep the grace of Lent.


Dear Patient One,

I write to you on Valentines Day, a poem, the first in a series entitled “Letters From The Village.”

May others discover more of their story in reading some of ours.



Waves of Grace

We washed up here years ago
Its been years since we first
Drove up and saw that Hugo water marked wall
And fell in love
It was potential we saw
And knew a life could be built

We came back here after tears before them too
And fell for it and each other
We kept coming back
Wave on wave of worry
Left at the entrance
We rocked under the moon and stars

You drove a nail and held that hammer
And we drove kids down
We packed a bag
And fled the mundane
To discover the extraordinary in this ordinary
Life has a way of repeating

Like the scavenger gulls that cry
We have 
And laughed and lost our way
On that sea
A time or two
And now only
A year or so remains they grew




























Joining Emily and my community at Imperfect Prose on Thursday’s for today’s word prompt LOVE

11 thoughts on “Love, Lent, And Letters From The Village (Day One)

  1. So beautiful Elizabeth. I look forward to following your prose and poetry through the faithful journey of Lent. You will bless each day. Thank you dear one. In faith and love, Jody Bennett

    1. Oh friend, seeing you name and your words just makes me so happy. I am smiling thinking of your sweet sweet spirit. So much love to you, precious one. Look forward to having you on the journey. Love to you in Christ, elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, how I’ve missed your voice, friend! What a fabulous idea for this season — exploring the art form of letter writing. How appropriate for the slower moving, deliberate tender grace of Lent. This letter to your husband is lovely…I feel that I, too, am being carried on the wave upon wave of grace. Thank you.

    1. Ashley, thanks for your kindness. Oh that we would ride the wave on wave of grace together. What a beautiful ride indeed. Look forward to having you open my letters in the days to come. And to reading, as always, your gracious responses.

      Sent from my iPad

    1. Oh yes, Maureen so love your beautiful phrasing..”let life flow around you”. Yes and I am cupping my hands and soaking in the dry places…the moist new, the inspired grace, the life all around. So happy to have you along for the letters series.

      Sent from my iPad

  3. Oh thank the Lord, you are back!!!! And to start a series with letter writing as the theme? Brilliant! I can’t wait to hear your voice through this medium. I might even be inspired myself! Thanking God with you for grace and love and letters. All my love, dear friend.

    1. I feel like I just woke up from a coma. Lord have mercy, this writing life is something… so life giving. Just finished Anne Lamott’s “Help, Thanks, Wow.” Holly you’d love it. Email me your update when you have time. Thanks for your overwhelmingly gracious welcome back. Love it. I am smiling. Join me in the letter writing format anytime.

  4. it has been an a new undertaking for me to try to understand and experience Lent. I have decided to give up facebook and to focus more on the quiet…reading His word and seeking out His voice. It has been very hard in a life that is full of so many things (probably to not hear those same whisphers). thank you friend for sharing. i HAVE missed you on here…i love the idea of a fishing village…ohh, small homes, wonderful people and the water never too far away. thank you for sharing this journey of letters with us.

    1. Oh friend, wishing you peace in seeing the sacred during Lent. Of quiet times and of learning to live and move with less in order to make room for more…of His spirit. I have missed you. Look forward to having you journey along with me and these letters. I look forward to the process.

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